Men’s Speedo

Do you remember how old you were when you first heard about men’s Speedo swimsuits? The day that these amazing swimsuits were launched and made available to the public was a day that changed the lives of male swimmers. When Speedos for men hit the stores, they seemed to fly off the shelves once men started to realize just how much attention they were getting at the beach when wearing Speedos. Obviously, men who take care of their bodies are going to get the lion’s share of attention, Armed with that knowledge, that might be your first order of business before being seen in public while wearing a Speedo. Now, if you decide that you do not have the type of body to successfully wear a Speedo, you do not need to despair.

The first thing that you need to do when trying to figure out if you have the body made for wearing a men’s Speedo is  This is a lot easier to do than you might think. In fact, the most difficult thing that you will do is actually this first step. Once you have assessed your body, things become a lot simpler to handle. If you have some “problem” areas that you feel would not be attractive to others who may notice you, now is the time to get to work. Think about it. What kind of body would you like to see in a small Speedo? For instance, would you find it exciting or revolting if you were to see a man in a Speedo when he weighs in at about three hundred? Most people would rather not see a massively gross body shoved into a Speedo.

Do not despair of never being able to wear a men’s Speedo, even if you feel that what is presenting itself to you seems to be an insurmountable problem. This is when you take charge of your life. Begin by working out a successful exercise routine and stick to it. Along with this new workout regimen, sit down and figure out a healthy eating plan. Combined exercise and healthy diet have been known to work quite well for many people who committed to making it a top priority in their lives. You can do the same and be wearing that Speedo before you know it.

Men's Spandex Swimwear

When it comes to the types of men's spandex swimwear that I enjoy, I go all the way. In fact, I do not think there is a design that I haven’t worn yet. I have tried them all even if it meant that I could not wear them on the beach. I still try to get every design that I find simply because I am obsessed with wearing swimwear that makes my body look good even if I do not get the chance to show how good it looks to the public in general. I know that there are designs that I could get into trouble for wearing in public, so I make sure that I only wear what I have already seen other people wearing out on the beach.

Now the ones that I do not see people wearing out in public or the men's spandex swimwear designs that I know will not go over well on the beach, are the ones that I like to wear around the house and to my friend’s pool parties. We like to see which one of us can come up with the most extreme swimwear design possible and it is always a big hit with the people at these parties. For me it is just an excuse to show off my body to people that would appreciate it and not judge me for wearing something they might not agree with.

I would highly recommend every guy out there to find some kind of men's spandex swimwear even just to wear around their own pool. You haven’t felt comfort until you have slipped into something like this and if you want attention in your life you are definitely going to want to take them to the beach. Even I am amazed at how many compliments that I get while wearing these designs out in public. Wearing something like this can completely change your life like you would not believe as long as you give yourself the chance to get used to them first.

Which are the Best Beach Suits?

This is a very subjective question but if we look at the details and the facts we can diffidently make some very good choices. There are so many different and interesting styles of men’s spandex swimwear and many of us have our favorites.  There are a number of important factors when it comes to deciding which men’s spandex swimwear would make the best beach suit. There is no particular order of importance to this list of criteria we have put together to help you make the best choice. Style, comfort, fit, front coverage, rear coverage, how sheer when wet, how revealing when dry, how revealing when wet, is the suit for leisure I.e. just hanging out and getting a tan? Will the swimsuit be used for water sports like surfing, boogie boarding or body surfing? Will the swimsuit be used for beach sports like Frisbee, Volleyball, football or jogging?  All of the above are important in making your swimwear selection but you need to weight which are most important and which are least to end up making a great choice rather than just a good choice.  What style is best for you? Are you brave enough to rock a thong or G-string? Maybe a bikini would be best if you are active on both land and water sports but you still want a sexy tan line. The hot new micro shorts are lighting up the men’s swimwear scene with fantastic skin tight fashions that show some cheek and a wonderful pouch centric front view. Can you be comfortable in the style you are thinking about?  Yes that barely there almost sheer G-string is awesome but  are you will to wear it on a beach run? If so that’s awesome and you should go for it but if not a little more coverage might make for a better pick. I often choose a sexy little thong as my suit of choice it has everything going for it including fit, comfort and most important to me the designs get me a ton of attention!

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