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You might never find the perfect men’s spandex swimwear designs if you are running from store to store. Most stores are way behind the times and still offer your choice of baggy surf shorts or Speedo style swimsuits. If you walk into the women’s swimwear department there is a massive selection of hot and sexy styles. Lucky for you finding swimwear designs every bit as small, sexy and exciting as what the girls wear is just a button away. By far the fastest growing trend in men’s spandex swimwear designs are the micro shorts followed by bikinis and thongs. G-strings are very popular but for men just starting out wearing these form fitting skin tight swimsuits might be a little on the minimal side. It takes time transitioning from baggy shorts to wearing a swimsuit so small it feels like you are going nude. That said it is worth the effort because not only do you look so much better in a suit that fits your body, you feel better, you get way more attention, they are much more efficient to swim in and the tan in nothing short of amazing.

Men's Spandex Swimwear

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Semi sheer male form pouch designed spandex G-string swimsuit

The Right to Wear Men's Spandex Swimwear

I have noticed more men's spandex swimwear designs being created and worn in public over the last couple of years. I can remember when this was something special that only certain guys would wear and now, it seems like everyone has them. I like the fact that more guys are wearing them in public but it makes it really difficult to find something unique to wear to the beach. I end up spending a good portion of my time looking around online for that elusive swimwear design that I don’t think anyone else has ever worn. Thankfully, there are a lot of sites on the internet that are pushing the envelope and making some really great designs.

One thing I like about so many guys wearing men's spandex swimwear in public is that more and more people are becoming accepting of them. There was a time not too long ago when no one would like to see someone wearing something like this walking down the beach. There were all kinds of people making jokes and laughing at guys for wearing something that they really enjoyed. But now these guys can walk around without having to worry about anything negative being thrown in their direction. It makes me think that there is a chance for the human race to really change so that they can be more accepting of others and their decisions.

One thing I would like to see with men's spandex swimwear is bigger sizes. I am not a small guy and being able to wear spandex is something that I really enjoy, but I am pretty limited in the designs department. I don’t mind seeing good looking guys showing off their bodies and I know that a lot of people would prefer bigger guys like me hide their bodies away, but that really isn’t fair. Big guys need love, too, and there is nothing wrong with a big guy wearing spandex swimwear as long as the design is done tastefully. In my opinion, we should be allowed to wear anything we want to just like everyone else.

Men's Spandex Swimwear

I love wearing men's spandex swimwear but I hate going to the beach. I know this makes me sound like a freak, but just hear me out for a minute. I love the sensation of the spandex on my body and how comforting it is to slip it on and forget about it. Something that I do not like, however, is people staring at me while I am walking around in my swimwear like I am nothing more than a piece of meat or something. So, to remedy this little issue that I detest so much: I have started wearing my swimwear under my clothes as if they were my new underwear.

This way I can wear my men's spandex swimwear whenever I want to, which is every day, and I do not get stared at by complete strangers for doing so. I used to go to the beach all the time and I found that most people just do not understand what it is like to wear swimwear of this nature. They see a guy like me walking around in something skimpy and assume that there is obviously something wrong with me. I think there is something wrong with them for immediately thinking that rather than seeing the beauty in the moment and moving on with their lives.

Now that I am wearing my men's spandex swimwear under my clothes, it does not really matter what anyone else might think. I do not have to see their judgmental stares as I walk by and they do not have to risk getting slapped for some rude or ignorant comment about me wearing them. I think that is what they would call a “win, win” situation. Not that I have ever slapped anyone. I am not a violent guy although there have been quite a few times when I wanted to hit some jerk because he thought he was being funny with the name calling. Those are the guys that I bet wear strap-ons and ball gags when they are alone in their bedrooms on a Saturday night. Or maybe they pay for some pro to wear the strap-on while they receive it. You just never know.