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Men’s Spandex Swimwear Micro Shorts


I am so happy that Koala Men’s Swimwear as designed a full line of men’s shorts, they refer to them as micro shorts or short shorts. These are nothing like the baggy shorts of the past and are much sexier cuts than the form fitting spandex shorts you see men working out in or swimming in. Men’s spandex swimwear is all about choices and the rules for those choices are dramatically changing. It used to be hard to find any swimsuit for a man that showed off some skin but was still comfortable and great looking. If you wanted something hot and sexy you would almost have to wear a girls swimsuit and that only barely worked for the least endowed men. The same could be said for men’s spandex shorts for the beach, gym or just hanging out in.  Now there are designs like Spanked Shorts, Man Heaven shorts, Kiss It shorts and Lady Gear shorts for men just to name a few that are simply amazing. Form fitting spandex designs that are micro cut like the one’s made for the ladies but with pouches designed for men. If you want to show a little cheek there are styles for that and best of all these designs are made to show-off the pouch and the shape of your ass not to hide them!  Some of the designs are transforming style pouches that can make a man look like a woman. This is a very feminine feel and look. Men’s spandex swimwear is on the cusp of massive changes with so many men changing over to these wonderful and sexy designs it is making people watching at the beach much more exciting.

Men's Spandex Shorts