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Men's Spandex swimwear and transformation.

Spandex designs featuring male to female transformation

When it comes to wearing men’s spandex swimwear there are options for almost anything you desire.  One of the most popular options this season are the male to female transformation designs that change the shape of the penis into a wonderfully erotic and perfectly formed vagina. Those designs are extremely hot and in addition to looking extremely sexy they are very comfortable to wear. These designs work a number of different ways each being extremely effective. There are designs like The Koala Pussy Boy that pull the penis and the balls between the legs to show a very flat pussy bulge. There are designs like the Koala “One of the Girls” that reshapes the penis by compression the shaft inside of you and redesigning the balls to look like a small camel toe, the interesting thing about this style is you have the option of leaving some skin exposed and it looks exactly like a Labia. This is shocking but at the same time amazing at the same time. The reason I use Koala as an example is because they invented this category of men’s spandex swimwear and they have more interesting offerings than all the other manufactures combined. The two suits that jump out at me and are part of my male to female transformation collection of swimwear designs are the Clever Girl and the Spicy Girl. One is a bikini and the other is a thong. These are two of my favorite beach swimsuits and they are both completely erotic to wear and be seen in. The Spicy Girl is a full bikini with full front and rear coverage but keep in mind it totally reshapes your penis and the pouch designs is a camel-toe look. It is virtually impossible to tell the wearer is anything but female when using these two designs. I find that to be a total turn on and it let’s me get in touch with my feminine side like nothing else.

What it is like to be mistaken for female while wearing micro men’s spandex swimwear.


Has that ever happened to you? If you are into wearing men’s spandex swimwear of the micro variety like the tiny bikinis, thongs and G-string I wear it most likely has and you know how big a turn-on it is. For you non spandex guys read on I think I can convert you to the spandex side and get you ready for wearing real designer fashions. Before we get to far out let me start by telling you this post is about how sexual wearing men’s spandex swimwear can be and how you can tap into feelings you have never experienced and sensations that are both new and so very exciting. Most of the micro swimwear designs compress the bulge and make the penis appears smaller or for many men show how small they actually are. This compressed bulge works great on busy beaches because it is in many respects feminizing the wearing in that the bulge becomes non-intrusive. Many people who are just causally glancing at you will often assume you are female, no large bulge that many regular sized bikinis sport. I wear these styles all the time and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard folks ask each other if that’s a girl. Not only is that a huge turn on but if you think about how beautiful women’s bodies are you can come to understand how big a compliment that is too. This look is so popular and so stunning that there are companies, being the biggest and most extreme manufacture making male to female transformation swimwear. These suits virtually and visually change the wearer to completely female in the crotch with some of the designs actually creating an amazing camel toe shape. This is done by reshaping the penis and it is not only totally erotic but amazing too. Blend in with the girls wearing their micro swimsuits, show off you man pussy to the boys, shave your legs and have guys checking you out at the beach all day long (they will think you are a topless girl which has happened to me hundreds of times) and make new and exciting friends. 

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