Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

There are much smaller swimwear designs than Speedos.

Many men and women think that Speedos are it when it comes to minimal swimwear designs and they could not be more wrong. There are lots of jokes about wearing Speedos with many guys thinking that wearing a Speedo is almost like going nude or wearing a bikini similar to what the ladies wear. In the world of minimal and micro men’s spandex swimwear styles Speedos are like wearing a huge swimsuit with way too much coverage. Many of the men that are into wearing micro swimwear designs group Speedos in with boxer style swimsuits and surf shorts, that is way more swimsuit then one really needs. Personally I like the way Speedos look on guys and there are many men and women that feel the same in fact Speedos are the go to style in many countries throughout the world. My thoughts about wearing a Speedo are always positive since without wearing a Speedo I might have never tried wearing bikinis, than micro bikinis, thongs and even G-strings after all we have to start somewhere. Unlike the girls who are trained at a young age to wear very little in public i.e. the skimpy little bikinis and these days even much smaller thongs are the norm on many beaches. Men on the other had have been expected to where giant size shorts some so large they are laughable, clown shorts. When you switch from wearing oversize shorts to wearing Speedos which is the way many guys go who start getting into men’s spandex swimwear it is a life changing experience. The freedom your body has wearing these stretchy body hugging designs is a form of enlightenment. The swimsuits I where to the beach on any given day would be the micro thong styles. These have tiny pouches that tend to minimize the bulge size making it look as small as possible and the suits expose just about all my rear let’s say ninety nine percent of it. These designs are literally a fraction of the size of a men’s Speedo if you can visualize a swimsuit about fifteen or twenty percent the size of a Speedo you would be around the right size. Most often the designs I wear are smaller than just about any swimwear you will see a women wearing. This is the direction men’s spandex swimwear is going. The beaches I visit in all the time Southern California most often Santa Monica, Venice and the beaches around San Diego are at the cutting edge of men’s spandex swimwear and fashion. The one thing you will notice right away are how many men are wearing really small swimsuit styles. You will see bikinis, thongs, micro shorts and even the occasional G-string more often then you will see men wearing Speedos. There are some beaches Venice in particular that you see more men wearing tiny suits and sexy styles than you do wearing baggy short style swimwear. These are wonderful changes and show how men’s spandex swimwear styles are getting both smaller and diverse in choice.

Men’s Speedo

Ah the joys of a men’s Speedo! This particular style of swimsuit has really caught fire quite a bit in the last several years. They give men an excellent, enviable chance to show off their bodies. Even more importantly, they encourage men to do things to take care of their bodies so that they will get those lustful glances and outright stares when they hit their favorite swimming venue. Just imagine all of the attention you will receive when you hit the beach for the first time wearing Speedos. The typical reaction from others is plenty of lustful, come hither stares, with a bit of approaching you for phone numbers or asking for a date.

That is just the beginning of all of the great things that can happen when wearing a men’s Speedo. All of the good habits that you need to develop in order to make you look wonderful is just the beginning. This new way of life is what will keep you healthier while giving you a body that people want to simply stare at in a flattering manner. You might find others that are so interested in you that they invite you to go back to their place with them or offer to go back to yours for a bit of fun. It is something that you should probably think about before you ever make it to the beach. In that way, you will already know just how you will handle such a forward person.

Something that you may not totally understand is just how sexy a men’s Speedo actually is, especially when this swimsuit is something that is worn by a man who keeps himself in prime physical condition. You can see these guys all over the beach as many of them love to compete with other guys who are also in top physical shape. Granted, men who are serious about body competition must have a superb trainer as well as a lot of self-discipline. Sometimes that just may mean that you will need to do some serious working out every day of the week. You must choose whether or not you can be that dedicated.

Sexy Speedos for Men

When it comes to speedos for men, you want them to be as sexy as possible in order to get those lustful glances as you walk around a resort swimming pool or on your favorite beach. Although speedos have been popular with men for quite some time now, there are still guys who have trouble finding just the right ones for their bodies. If you have never worn a pair of speedos in your life, now is the time to find out just precisely how awesome they can be, especially when you are in great shape and in the company of people that you find very enticing.

Of course, the biggest problem in wearing these speedos for men is making sure that your body is in the best shape it can be. That does not mean that you must have a killer body, although that would certainly help. You can get by with a body that is somewhat toned and, possibly, carries a bit of muscle that will get you some of that attention that you are striving for. Picture yourself in a speedo the way you would like to be seen. Then, take a long look in that mirror and spot your flaws. After that, sit down and make a list of all the things that you need to do in order to fix those flaws.

The final step in preparing to wear speedos for men is to take your list and begin working on yourself. Perform whatever exercise is needed to help you look your best physically. Also, you may want to look into a healthier diet in order to keep your body toned and keep it from turning into flab. When you wear a speedo, it is really important for you to look your very best. People are going to stare at you admirably and probably ask for your phone number or offer you theirs.

Can You Look Good in Speedos for Men?

Women sometimes have these enviable bodies that just look good in everything. A woman with hips can pull off some of the most daring swimsuit pieces with elegance and pride. So what about you gentlemen? What sexy, cute swimsuits do you have? Well, we have speedos for men! You may think your ability to wear speedos depends on what parts of the body play in your favor. Every man has strong qualities in his physical appearance. Some men have smoldering eyes, full lips, and generally pretty faces. Some men have thick, full hair that is effortlessly flawless. Some men have tight, firm butts that could crack a walnut, six pack abs, defined legs, or maybe even cute feet. However, the one thing that makes almost any man attractive is confidence. Not to say that arrogance or creepiness is attractive, but a guy that is truly comfortable in his own skin and has nothing to prove to anyone because he knows he’s a diva. What’s truly attractive is the man who can throw on some speedos for men and feel like a million bucks. It certainly does not hurt if you have some miraculous muscle tone, but fit men already know they can pull off any look they want. The men who doubt themselves are often men who think they are too heavy or too skinny to wear a speedo and look attractive.

If you are uncertain of whether or not you can look hot in some speedos for men, analyze the strengths in your body type. Just because a man is heavy, does not mean he does not have a nice shape. Being overweight may mean that your hips fail to accommodate the breadth of the waistband in a pair of speedos. However, being heavy can also mean you have a really nice, thick ass. Being skinny may mean that your butt is small or maybe a little flat; however, a thin frame can also mean the waistband will fit you in a flattering way. Regardless of your size, you could have shapely legs, gorgeous body art, or a huge cock. There is no reason to count yourself out for what you deem as a major flaw when you may actually have the perfect body to pull off speedos for men.

Speedos for Men to Boost the Confidence!

Speedos for men have been a laughing stock throughout the ages. People could not be more wrong about this super fun swimwear, though. To some, it may look ridiculous, but I’m going to break down what makes speedos so great! Starting with the fact that they are actually pretty comfortable! Other swimming attire can just be too baggy and loose. It makes it a little awkward to swim with that slight restriction on the thighs. Speedos, on the other hand, are snug and flexible.

The second thing that makes speedos for men so wonderful is that they can look great on most body types. Even heavier men can somehow pull off this skimpy swimsuit. Average, skinny, fit, thick; your size hardly matters in this swimsuit. That leads us to the third thing that makes speedos for men awesome! They help boost your confidence! Many men will try to hide their frame behind large t-shirts and baggy shorts. They will swim nearly, fully dressed because they are embarrassed being too thin or too fat. Speedos look surprisingly good on most body types which can bring these men a good bit of confidence. Not to mention that the speedo is most flattering to the derriere.

Speedos for men are fun, flirty pieces of swimwear that can make men feel sexy. We can only guess that there is so much hate for this type of swimsuit because people are jealous that they do not have their own speedo to swim in. If you wear a speedo out in the open and face a little ridicule; just brush it off. Or offer them a speedo of their very own to help tone down their bitter and cynical attitude. It is hard not to adopt a more playful spirit when wearing some sexy speedos for men. Just think, do you ever see angry men in speedos? Pay attention and you will see that men in speedos are nearly always the happiest and most relaxed.

A Good Speedo Swimsuit Make Summer Worth It

One of the best things about summer is wearing my speedo swimsuit out on the beach. No matter what might be going on in my life at that moment, I can always feel confident and happy when I am strolling down the beach showing off my body. I truly think that more guys should try wearing something like this so that they can feel as stress-free as I do. I know it seems odd that something like a speedo can rid your life of stress, but that is exactly what happens with me. It might not happen this way for everyone, but it is worth a shot to give them a try.

Now you may not be comfortable with wearing a speedo swimsuit and that is completely understandable. There are a lot of guys all over the world that have never tried wearing something of this nature because they are afraid of how it might feel. I used to be one of those guys myself so I know what others might be going through. However, it is important to try new things in your life and move pass the road blocks that might pop up in your mind. If you can do this, then you will find a freedom you never before knew existed

As I said earlier, wearing my speedo swimsuit is one of the best things in my life. When those summer months come around and I can walk around freely in my speedo, I feel like a completely different man. I have an understanding about myself that I never had before and it is all because I have chosen to push past the fear of what others might think and start living my own life. I feel that the more guys that can do this, the better off the world in general would be. Wearing a speedo might not cure world hunger, but it can go a long way to making people realize there is more to life than what they have been living up to then. That might just give the men wearing them the confidence they know to donate to such charities as world hunger. You will never know until you try.

Spandex Swimsuits

Although it may be getting into the cooler temperatures and bringing the autumn season closer where you live, it is still the time of year to shop for the ideal spandex swimsuits. In fact, this is actually one of the times that you can get those high discounts on swimwear. People are not looking at discounted swimsuits during the peak season of tropical fun. Instead, they are looking for the most stylish swimsuits created from spandex. You can also have spandex and style during a sale of these swimsuits. That is one of the reasons that you might consider swimsuit shopping in the fall and winter seasons. During this time, you can be assured that you will find the best bargains and you will be happy that you decided to do your swimsuit shopping off season.

Now, it is time for your lesson in just what to look for in your spandex swimsuits. Obviously, you want to get something that will make you stand out in any crowd. When you are searching for swimsuits made from spandex, there may be many reasons that you desire them. One of these is at the top of the list. That feature would be the comfort of spandex. Men who are desperate for a stylish look as well as being comfortable will be very satisfied to learn that they can have both of these things in just one garment. As it can sometime be difficult to find everything you need without spending a fortune, these are quite popular with discerning men.

Something else that you might want to consider is the shape of your body before you dive into the shopping spree for spandex swimsuits. That will take being brutally honest with yourself about whether or not your body is in top physical shape. When you think about it, you have to realize that only men who have bodies that others want to see can wear swimsuits successfully. In addition, you will appreciate the positive attention when you hit your stride,