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Men's spandex swimwear

A Night at the Bar in my Men's Spandex Swimwear

Some of my fondest memories involve me wearing men's spandex swimwear. I can think back over the many years of my life and only a few of those memories actually bring a smile to this old man’s life and every one of those had something to do with me wearing this type of swimwear. I have had a decent life but when you take all the things I have done and throw in a swimsuit made from spandex the amount of fun that I had at those moments definitely outweighed the bad times I had to go through.

I have one memory of wearing men's spandex swimwear to a biker bar one night. I know it sounds strange but I had lost a bet and the wager was for me to walk into a bar with nothing but my swimwear on, order a beer, and slam it down right there at the bar. If I managed to walk out my friend would call the bet clear and all would be well. I honestly didn’t think that I would lose the bet and that is the only reason that I agreed to those terms. Of course I did lose and the bar was filled with some of the roughest bikers I had ever seen before.

I will say right now that even though I was wearing men's spandex swimwear, I still keep in touch with a couple of those guys. The looks I got when I first walked in made me think that I wasn’t going to be walking back out on my own accord though. But after I slammed that beer and turned to leave, a table by the door stood up and started clapping. Soon the whole bar joined in and I was being patted on the back by just about every burly bike in that bar. Even the bartender called me back and handed me my money saying it was the most amazing and crazy thing he had seen in quite a long time. I hung out in that bar for almost 2 hours while my friend waited for me outside worrying about whether or not to call the cops. It was definitely one of the highlights of my life to say the least.

Shocking People with Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Wearing men’s spandex swimwear out in public used to be one of those things that got everyone’s attention but now it doesn’t. The reason behind this is partially because people are starting to get used to seeing guys wearing spandex all the time. It isn’t exactly the new thing anymore after all. The other reason it isn’t that big of a deal is because half the people can't tell the difference between spandex and any other material that swimwear is currently being made out of. In fact there are a lot of people that think spandex is the same thing as Lycra and they keep expecting to see shiny skin tight designs whenever spandex is mentioned at the beach. The time has come when spandex has finally been introduced in a way that has become so popular most people pay absolutely no attention to the material at all. Of course they will notice the style of the men’s spandex swimwear you have on and that is the only real way to shock them anymore.

Sheer men's spandex swimwear