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Men's Spandex Swimwear

Are you ready to make the switch to men’s spandex swimwear? I was not sure about it until I wet all in and order a few different men’s spandex swimwear designs. These were going to be my first swimsuits that were skimpy styles and not regular baggy shorts. I decided to try a bikini, a very small bikini, a thong and a G-string. I order three suits in medium based on my waist size and hoped they would fit right. The company I ordered from Koala let’s you exchange them if the size is not right. I would have rather tried them on at a store but none of the stores I went into had anything nearly as amazing as the designs I found online. I ordered them regular ground shipping and since I live on the East Coast I figured it would take a week to arrive. I took a lesson from my girlfriend who wears very small thongs to the beach. She said shave all your pubic hair front and rear and lay out in the backyard nude to get rid of your tan line so all the suits will look great on you. We are going on a trip to the Bahamas in a couple of months and she thought wearing skimpy swimwear like she does would be fun to do as a couple. The suits came in just a couple days much faster than I expected them to arrive. I tried them on and to my relief the fit was perfect. I had never worn anything that felt so amazing and the truth is it was hard for me not to get an erection, my girlfriend said that should look great at the beach. By the end of the week I had a decent tan from being in back and hitting the tanning salon twice. My skin is darker and I tan fast. This weekend will be my first time wearing a skimpy swimsuit around anyone other than my girl. I’m excited but I little reluctant to wear so little in front of so many. My girlfriend says go all the way and wear the G-string. We will see I said.

Spandex thong swimsuit
Men's spandex swimwear

This is a photo of me wearing the sheer Pink Lips swimsuit by Koala. You can see how people might think you are female. What you might not expect is how exciting and at the same time how comfortable this suit is to wear. I've been told this is one of the best selling male to female transformation swimsuits made and I completely understand why, it's awesome!

Men’s spandex swimwear and going sheer

Sheer men’s spandex swimwear designs are some of the most risqué styles known to man in fact many are too risqué for most men to wear in public. I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for it with the worst thing having a lifeguard or police officer ask the wearer to put on something that is not so see-thru and I have only heard of that a couple of times in many years. There is one sheer style suit that I wear to the beach all the time and though it gets a ton of attention, the attention it gets is about the feminizing aspects of the style and not that it is completely sheer. The swimsuit I wear is called the “Pink Lips” by Koalaswim and it is one of the most extreme male to female transformation swimsuits on the planet. It reshapes and recreates the penis into a magnificent little vagina, a vagina with camel toe and though it is completely sheer no one can tell there is a penis there. The look is dazzling even stunning and the transformation is complete. When I am on the beach getting a tan most often with a towel over my face to keep from getting wrinkles most men and women think I am a female going topless. More than once I have been told been an officer that topless sunbathing is not allowed on Los Angeles beaches (a stupid law that is rarely enforced) Once they find out I’m male there is no issue even though my penis in albeit a different form then most folks would expect is still fully exposed through the sheer pink fabric. There are times I need to get in the water just to keep me from getting too wet! There are few men’s spandex swimwear designs you can have this much fun in. PS. I am not transgender, a cross dresser or even very sexual one way or another, I’m just a guy who enjoys being in touch with my feminine side every now and then.

Pink Lips Sheer Thong