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Pouch designs and equipment size

Many men ask me if size matters when it comes to men’s spandex swimwear and the pouch styles that are offered. They are not talking about waist size which most often does matter but of pens size which most often does not matter. I have worked on designing men’s spandex swimwear for over twenty five years working with hundreds of models over that time both fit models and media models. I have seen penises of every size and shape from some of the smallest imaginable to some of the largest. It is an eye opener to know that the size of the models build has little bearing on how big his package is. The smallest endowed male model was a normal sized man with a muscular build rocking about one and half inches and as it turns out he was one of our best models ever, one we have used dozens of times. The largest endowed model was one of the shortest and trimmest models we have ever used and he came in at a thick and giant ten plus inches. The amazing thing about men’s spandex swimwear is that the suits offer so much stretch. A pouch design that can handle that one and a half incher might not be able to go all the way up to ten but can easily handle a solid seven inches too! Penises when flaccid are very pliable and can be beautifully packaged in the right pouch style and the right pouch style is the one that looks best to you. The only way a pouch might not work is if it is actually designed for someone very large or some of the micro pouches that are not made to accommodate much meat though sometimes they actually will work if you penis flaccid gets very small. They will of course restrict any real growth once you are in. Your best bet is to choose a pouch that appeals to you visually that is a pouch style that turns you on! Make sure the website you are ordering from has lots of pictures including close pouch shoots. I have found this very helpful in shopping for my own swimwear collection.

Men's spandex swimwear

Why People Choose Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Men’s spandex swimwear has a lot to offer! Not everyone likes the full exposure of the sun, so they opt for swim trunks or swim shorts to help protect their skin from the sun’s rays. Not everyone likes the way their body looks, so they again decide on more coverage. What spandex swimwear has to offer is just the opposite! Spandex is for confident men who may desire an even tan. Spandex is a form-fitting material that hugs the curves of your body. Your body has a wider breadth of movement and can absorb some sunshine for a beautiful tan while you are wearing spandex.

Men’s spandex swimwear is a wonderful creation that turns away from baggy swim attire and looks toward the future of swimming fashion. Not only is it practical for achieving that perfect skin tone and swimming with uninhibited movement; it is also sexy! Spandex looks great on fit bodies. For anyone who wants to show off for that handsome man at the beach, or the mysterious, hunky lifeguard at the pool; spandex swimwear is the best way to do it. What man can resist a spandex bikini on a rock hard body?

The real question is, “Why don’t more men choose men’s spandex swimwear?” With all of the obvious and practical benefits; it is a mystery that men still wear anything else on their swimming expeditions. Just imagine all of the positive attention you can gather from a prospective mate while wearing a good spandex swim suit. Your flirtatiousness will be amplified by a confident and desirable appearance. The same just can’t be said for shapeless, unflattering swim trunks. Pick the swimwear that will best help you to stand out and feel fantastic, because you may have a good body as is, but men appreciate personal hygiene and upkeep. Even a man with a nice body can look like a slob. That is why men pick top quality spandex swimwear. No one wants to look like they do not care about themselves.

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