Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

I am turned on by wearing men’s spandex swimwear and my collection of suits is unbelievable! I just can’t get enough. I’m lucky that my girlfriend is into the spandex fetish scene, she enjoys wearing swimsuits as micro as mine. Sometimes we go to the beach wearing swimsuits so small that guys think we are both girls! I am out there with a towel over my face getting sun, my legs and body are completely shaved and often I will go for a feminine style swimsuit like the male to female transformation designs from  It really does look like I have a vagina and my girl enjoys seeing other guys trying to hit on me. Her suits just barely cover the lips and if she can get away with it she goes topless too. The two of us hit the gym almost every day and we both of lean chiseled bodies. We will often wear swimsuits so small that from a distance we both look nude! The attention we get strolling down the beaches of Los Angeles, Venice being our favorite is just unbelievable. In my opinion there is nothing you can wear that is anywhere nears as much fun as men’s spandex swimwear. The styles available are simply fantastic. I have suits that are shaped the same as my penis, as I stated before I have men’s spandex swimwear that erases the penis and makes me look like I have a little camel toe vagina (these are my favorite suits to wear and they are extremely comfortable) I have semi and completely sheer swimsuits (you would be amazed to know that I have never been bothered once wearing even completely sheer swimwear at the beaches in LA) I wear bulge style designs and I use a cock ring to help me look larger (the cock ring corner is a great place for awesome rings) and I will often wear a pair of spandex micro swim shorts as a cover-up while walking to a from the beach, even my micro shorts show a lot of ass which is exactly what my girlfriend wants me to do.

Micro shorts

Men’s spandex swimwear on cruises

Wearing men’s spandex swimwear on a cruise ship is where many men start their spandex journey. There are many reasons for this and here are a few. More men wear sexy swimwear designs including bikinis, thongs and tiny micro shorts on a cruise than you see at the beach. Men find it easier to do on a cruise because they are often just there with a significant other and it is easier to wear very little when you don’t know everyone around you. At home you might run into someone having something to say about your tiny new bikini but on a cruise ship no one cares and many men and women do it. Have a few drinks. Having a couple drinks lets you relax and let go of many of inhibitions. Though too much is not a great idea having one or two allows you to try something you might not normally do and this is especially true when it comes to trying new men’s spandex swimwear. Many men want to try wearing sexy swimwear but are afraid to. Going on a cruise is the perfect first time opportunity to do so. Most will order a new bikini or thong just for the trip while others see them being sold on board and buy one by impulse. The first time I tried on a bikini was on a cruise ship. I had so much fun and ended up with such a great tan a never again used a pair of board shorts, it’s been ten years since the largest swimsuit I will wear is a bikini or micro shorts and more often than not I am wear a total butt exposing thong. I wear them to the beach every chance I get in the summer and while swimming at the gym I never wear anything larger than a micro bikini.

Men’s Spandex swimwear at the gym


The workout craze is in full swing and the spandex styles at the gym are hotter than ever! Spandex has been extremely popular at the gym the last few years with women wearing tiny little spandex shorts and those beautiful tights that look great on women no matter what shape or size. (you can tell I love spandex) Now you are seeing more and more men wearing spandex shorts and tights another trend I thoroughly enjoy. I like seeing men in tights and even more so I love wearing them. Men’s spandex swimwear is just starting to come into its own at the gym, you are now seeing men wearing bikinis in the pool many of the designs are every bit as small as what the ladies are wearing. Until recently most men would wear board shorts while swimming laps unless they were more serious swimmers and then they would wear Speedos. I like the way Speedos look by the fact is they are not all that stylish. They are relatively flat in front making many guys look like girls and the rear of Speedos do not do much for your butt. The new bikini designs are much sleeker and some of the styles men are wearing to the gym might even be considered string bikini. There are scrunch butt style suits which highlight the size and shape of your rear, so if you have a nice ass you will no longer need to hide it. Many of these new men’s spandex swimwear designs feature pouches that no longer hide the fact you are a man. The pouch designs show anywhere from a small bulge to a fully enhanced bulge with all designs being perfectly acceptable gym fashion.