Men’s Spandex Swimwear and male enhancement designs


One of the most popular men’s spandex swimwear styles are the male enhancement suits and the reason why is obvious to most men. If you are wearing a tiny bikini, thong or G-string and maybe even the tight little spandex swim shorts your pouch is going to be upfront and visible which in my opinion is a very good thing and something to be proud of no matter what size your package is. Penis shrinkage is common knowledge for men but I think many women were surprised until they saw that extremely funny Seinfeld episode where George has gone for a swim and when he was changing out of his suit one of the girls walked by and saw him naked. She stopped and took a double look because his penis was so small from shrinkage after being in the water for a while, the only thing he could say was “its shrinkage”.

The funny thing is it is true more so for some men than for others but it is true across the board. Some men just loose a little size in the water where other guys me included become so small we could pass for girls. This is not usually an issue if you are wearing surf shorts or board shorts since they are so baggy to begin with but if you are going in the water and you want to have a great looking tan line you might consider getting a bikini, thong, G-string or shorts with a built in male enhancement feature. These work like adjustable cock rings or cock straps and they can keep your penis looking its largest no matter how cold the or how long you stay in the water. They actually make you bulge look larger for two reasons: first the bulge is pushed out from the body and just that alone makes the wearer look substantially larger no matter how small he might actually be. The second reason is that a cock strap keeps more blood in the shaft and restricts it from getting to small. This is the perfect answer when wearing men’s spandex swimwear. The pouch always look s nice and full and you never need to worry about not being able to fill your swimsuits pouch.

Men's spandex swimwear by Koala
Spandex male enhancement swimsuit
Men's spandex swimwear

The perfect thong

I have quite a collection of men’s spandex swimwear and my guess is many of you do too. There is a certain excitement when order a hot new thong online. First there is the shopping online checking out all the great looking models wearing these hot designs. I try to find models that have similar body types to mine so I can see how a particular design is most likely to fit. Once I place the order my anticipation level starts to climb. Most online men’s spandex swimwear stores offer both air and regular shipping. I find that ordering with standard two day mail is the best deal around and the default shipping for most companies at least when they are shipping inside the USA. It’s hard to get the thought of that new suit out of my mind until it comes. Once I see the package has been delivered I literally get aroused thinking about slipping it on. The other day I ordered a new design called the Surfer Boy Thong by Koala. Online it looked perfect and my experience with the many swimsuits I have ordered from them is they fit absolutely perfect almost every time, when they don’t they will exchange it for a different design or size. The Surfer Boy Thong was beyond perfect. It looked as good on me as it did on the model. I’m going to Hawaii with some friends next month and I can’t wait to get out on the beach wearing this extremely hot thong!

Male enhancement swimwear

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