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Men’s spandex swimwear and girls

Many guys want to try wearing men’s spandex swimwear. They want to try a bikini or tiny shorts and many of the more daring men are ready to take on a thong. The one question many guys ask is what do women think about guys wearing men’s spandex swimwear?  That is a more complicated question than it seems at first glance. The number one answer would have to be based upon where you going to wear it. Visit most beaches in the major cities of the USA like Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York and the like along with any European city and you would find the women are used to seeing men wearing skimpy swimwear and thus it is totally normal. True some prefer shorts but most like the way men look in these micro swimsuits. When you get into areas where men are usually cover up wearing board shorts and Speedos you might find that it takes folks a little getting used to. I can go to any hotel in Las Vegas and be hanging out around the pool wearing a thong so small it is like being nude and no one working there will say a word. In fact I have found that when I do lay out in these tiny swimsuits I end up with more women around me also doing the same.  Yes many women and men assume that men wearing these skimpy swimwear designs are gay but I find that a huge advantage meeting women. They are already totally at ease almost like I am one of them. This is a nice way to start new friendships. I might not go for a totally extreme thong if I was visiting a lake in Minnesota, but these days I would definitely wear a pair of micro shorts that were showing some cheek.  Yes women are visually aroused but they are not going to be aroused by a guy wearing huge baggy Walmart shorts. Wearing a bikini is both an exciting way to look and feel along with a visually exciting way to be seen. Just make sure you are all trimmed up, completely shaved and looking as hot as the girls do wearing their sexy swimwear!

Men's spandex swimwear bikinis

Start Looking for Men's Spandex Swimwear Now

In many areas of the world, summer is right around the corner and it is time to begin your search for men’s spandex swimwear. Even if you are in places where it is still chilly or the opposite of our summer. That would mean that those areas are just entering the cooler seasons of the year. However, that should not make any difference when it comes to buying new swimsuits. Spandex is so popular these days when it comes to swimwear. If you cannot find swimwear locally of the type you want, there is always the internet. When you go online, you are certain to find many websites that cater to men’s spandex in all styles. Also, you get to shop in the privacy of your home and at your leisure.

Something to keep in mind is that men’s spandex swimwear can be found at nearly all of these websites. What you want to be looking for are stylish spandex swimsuits along with high quality. You can usually spot the cheap ones pretty quickly. If you cannot seem to tell if certain swimsuits are high quality, all you need to do is read customer reviews. These reviews are very important when you begin your search for the best spandex swimsuits available. Customers have a tendency to submit reviews when they have a very positive experience with any type of item ordered at online websites. They also will take the time to submit a review when their experience was negative. Usually, they do not take the time to write a review if they are satisfied with what they purchased.

Men’s spandex swimwear can be worn throughout the year. You might go to an indoor swimming pool of some sort when it gets cold outside, or you may choose to visit a tropical location for a few days of fun in the sun. Obviously, you will need to have some spandex swimsuits on hand. That is another reason that you should begin your search for highest quality of swimsuits created from spandex right now. It might just take you that long to find the perfect spandex swimsuit so the sooner you begin the sooner you will be able to add to your swimsuit wardrobe.

Men's spandex bikini swimwear

A photo of my big round ass wearing a new neoprene micro bikini. The front handles my little penis as well as it does my big butt!

Beauty and perfect form something that most women admire.