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Men’s spandex swimwear


Don’t fear the bulge!

The fact is if you are going to wear any sort of fashion men’s spandex swimwear you are going to show some bulge that is unless you wear a Speedo style swimsuit which flattens the bulge or a male transformation swimsuit which feminizes the bulge. The question is why would you fear showing your bulge? Virtually all women show off their bulges in tiny little swimsuits, I understand most women’s bulges are just so called lip bulges that are very small but never the less are absolutely beautiful.  The idea of men showing off bulge is already accepted in most of the world but in the USA we have been a little slow to embrace it. Many men are now wearing all sorts of different men’s spandex swimwear including bikinis, micro shorts, thongs and even G-strings. You see them at the beach, you see them around the higher priced hotel pools and you always see them at the hottest pool parties. Mainstream America is finally starting to come around too. Micro shorts including many with defined visual bulges are some of the hottest styles around and there are a number of bulge enhancing pouch styles that are extremely popular sellers. That means that men are not only starting to accept showing off the bulge they are actually exciting about showing off as large a bulge as possible. It’s pretty amazing that over just the last few years men in the USA have gone from almost completely hiding their bulges to trying to show off some of the largest ones around in addition it does not matter of you are on the smaller side there are many designs that are built to show your bulge with maximum impact. These are exciting times for men’s swimwear!

Speedos for Men are No Laughing Matter

In comedy movies throughout the past few decades, there is often the inclusion of silly, pompous males, wandering the beaches or pool sides wearing speedos for men. These men are often ridiculed for their revealing taste of swim attire and are mocked as full of themselves and labeled jokes for the whole world to laugh at. It is high time this stereotype of speedo-wearing men met its end. Not every man who wears a speedo is a buffoon with a loose grip on reality. Not every man in a speedo is a sleaze or unattractive. To change the perspective of men in speedos, you must boldly endure the scrutiny of the public and challenge their ideals of certain fashion choices.

It is not always easy to summon the confidence needed to boldly wear speedos for men. However, there is nothing wrong with speedos. There is a negative stigma upon them born out of ignorance. All it takes is respectful, endearing men to approach the world in a cute speedo and show them that their judgements are wrong and outdated. There is no good reason to deny yourself the joy and freedom felt by wearing a speedo.

Women are able to wear comfortable and sexy swimwear on the beach and it is considered more socially acceptable. Men should be able to express their sense of style in the same way, especially if comfort is a main factor. Speedos for men offer a lot of comfort to the wearer. Men who are active in the water may favor speedos to all other swimwear because it provides them with uninhibited movement around the legs, where more modest swimsuits would restrict movement. Just as a woman should have the right to wear comfortable attire without judgement so should a man. To end one stigma is to end another.

Sexy men’s Spandex Swimwear


If you have not tried wearing a bikini, thong, G-string or the new micro style short style men’s spandex swimwear then you have not tried wearing something that will make you feel sexier than you have ever felt in your life! The first time you slip on a sexy little men’s spandex swimwear design your world will change. In many ways it is like legally going to the beach or a public pool being nude. Women are used to this and it is second nature to them. Women start wearing these tiny little swimsuits very young so most ladies are not overly aroused by swimwear unless they are wearing a design that is unusually skimpy like a micro style that barely covers their front and completely exposes their rears. Men on the other hand are raised wearing men’s swimwear designs that cover almost everything. A most men’s swimwear designs have enough fabric to make ten ladies suits until you get into the newest men’s spandex swimwear styles that inch for inch are just about the same size as what the ladies wear. Wearing these micro swimwear designs is a revelation for most men. Comparing them to Speedos let alone board shorts is almost ridiculous since these new styles are molded to your body, virtually painted on, they barely cover anything and many of the hottest designs actually show the outline of your equipment. Your first time wearing something so hot might just be much more arousing then you could ever have imagined. Don’t worry you will get used to be the sexiest guy at the beach and the nice thing is we are seeing more and more men wearing these exciting men’s spandex swimwear designs.

The Downside of Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Let’s be real about men’s spandex swimwear. There are a lot of good qualities to this kind of swimwear material. For instance, the point of spandex is that it is form fitting so that it can move with your body during straining physical activity. However, this is not a material that is known to breathe. It is easy to get sweaty and uncomfortable in spandex as it is so constrictive on the flesh. It can also be said that spandex can be unflattering, especially on people of a heavier build. Others have complained that spandex is also only good for one wash before the material stretches out and loses its elasticity.

The fact the spandex does not breathe is fairly truthful; however, when you are referring to men’s spandex swimwear, you will be submerging yourself into cool water that will help to counter the heating effects of the spandex. The other two flaws can be argued as well! As far as spandex swimwear being unflattering, the opposite may actually be true. Spandex can have a quality similar to shape wear that kind of hugs everything together to make it look more smooth and solid, rather than appearing layered, like rolls of fat on the stomach or the presence of cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. Spandex is also only good after one washing if you do not follow the proper washing instructions. If you want to wash spandex, you do not simply throw it in the washer with the rest of your clothes and hope for the best. You can wash spandex in luke warm water on a gentle cycle, but it is often best to hand wash it. Many people also make the mistake of throwing spandex in the dryer when many spandex articles of clothing need to be hung up to dry. Applying too much heat can cause them to shrink, expand, or generally lose elasticity and shape. By applying proper washing techniques, men’s spandex swimwear can last for a much longer time. People may believe there are massive negatives to spandex fabric, but the benefits often outweigh the cons, and sometimes the cons are not really problems to begin with.

My First Men’s Speedo

One of the best men’s speedo designs I have ever worn was also the first speedo I ever bought. I was looking for something new to wear to the beach, being tired of wearing more traditional swimwear designs. I needed something that was going to get me attention but was comfortable to wear in front of strangers. I looked through a lot of different online sites and saw some pretty outrageous designs before finally coming to that first ever speedo. It was truly amazing to look at and I knew instantly that it was the one thing I was missing in my life.

It took me a minute to get used to wearing that men’s speedo when I finally got it in the mail. I thought that I would just slip it on and head out the door but I was not ready for the way that speedo seemed to fit me at that moment. After a couple of hours, I was ready to go to the beach but I had to make sure that I was not going to fall out of that thing at an inopportune moment. That is something you really need to think about since these types of designs are usually quite tight in certain areas.

I have been wearing a men’s speedo for almost five years now and I still remember what it was like to put that very first one on. I have bought numerous other designs and quite a few others that were just like that first one, but none of them have made me feel that way since. I do not really mind, though, as having that initial feeling is what has kept me wearing these designs over the years. I get all the attention I could ever want and I never have to look at myself wearing one of those older designs that I hated so much.

Men's spandex swimwear
Men's Spandex Swimwear