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Speedos for Men to Be Sexy

A sort of spin-off of the bikini, speedos for men never fail to live up to their reputation for making men who wear them look hot and sexy. Naturally, men who are brave enough to don a pair of speedos typically know that they need to keep their bodies physically fit because speedos show off a lot of bare skin. It is greatly hoped that men who are less than physically fit know this already and will avoid wearing speedos in public; at least until they decide to get themselves in the shape to wear them. Otherwise, if you wear these small items and your body is not ready; all you get are people laughing at you.

What you need to seriously consider is that speedos for men can make you look either extremely sexy or terribly awful. Now, since looking awful is the last thing you want to do, you should try to make sure that you are in decent enough shape to draw positive attention. The last thing you want to do is appear in speedos if you are five feet tall and weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. No one will be able to even see your speedos although they will see more bare body than they would like. People pointing at you and laughing is not something that any man should want. If they are pointing at you, it should be for good reasons, like they find you attractive and want to see you again.

There is no doubt that speedos for men have the ability to make guys look extremely hot but those guys need to look like they should be wearing something so small. Speedos offer guys a chance to attract the attention of all the great looking people who also happens to be attractive. Just keep in mind that you want the speedos to have a very flattering effect on your body and you need to do whatever possible to make that happen.

Things to Remember While Wearing Men's Spandex Swimwear

When it comes to wearing men's spandex swimwear there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. The first, and probably most important, thing to remember is that not everyone in this world is open to seeing guys wearing items like this. With that being said, you shouldn’t be forced to make everyone around you happy. If you like what you are wearing than the people that don’t like it will just have to get on with their lives. If you spend all your time trying to make other people happy you will never know what it will take to make yourself happy and that is no way to live your life.

Another thing you should keep in mind with regards to wearing men's spandex swimwear is the size. You might think that wearing something overly tight it the perfect way to go but that would be wrong. You don’t want to cut off blood circulation to that particular area of your body. You need to take the time to find a size that matches your body style and size first and foremost. Even if it takes you a couple of months or trial and error, finding the right size of swimwear is important to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The last thing you need to consider when wearing men's spandex swimwear is the amount of body hair you have. If you are one of those guys that loves to stay trimmed or even waxed than you probably don’t have to worry about this at all. You will look good no matter what you might be wearing. But there are a handful of guys out there that don’t like doing any of that and when they start walking around in spandex it will definitely show. Take the time to do some personal grooming and you will notice a difference in the kind of attention you get when walking around in public.

Men’s Spandex Swimwear and micro shorts.


Micro shorts are the newest trend in men’s spandex swimwear and one many men are just starting to take notice of. Spandex shorts have been around for years but spandex micro shorts are an entirely different animal. First most micro short designs can be used as both men’s swimwear and men’s workout gear. All men’s micro shorts have one thing in common even though the designs can be has different as night and day. The common aspect of men’s spandex swimwear micro shorts are that they are designed to be both sensuous and sexy, these are not designs made to blend into the crowd. Many if not most of the styles show some to quite a bit of butt cheek. This is a trend that has been extremely popular in women’s micro shorts and has crossed over thank god to the men’s swimwear world. Never be afraid to show some ass, it is a sign of your maleness and it is a lovely thing to show off. Many of the wildest and most extreme designs have been created to go way up your ass. This not only shows off cheek but total ass size and shape, this might just be my favorite trend. The front styles tend to fall into two categories: Bulge style pouches which come in a number of flavors with the most popular being standard bulge which shows off the actual shape and size of your bulge or bulge enhancement styles. The bulge enhancement pouches are awesome for men like me that are rather small up front. Using a bulge enhancer style men’s spandex swimsuit allows you to look and stay looking much larger than you actually are. There is no padding or artificial ways of making it look larger these styles work with what you have to maximize the bulge. All of them use built in cock rings to push both the shaft and balls forward into the pouch holding them there. You could have a 1” penis and still look very ample in the pouch, these designs are miraculous! On the opposite end of the spectrum and maybe even more popular than the bulge styles are the femme style pouches also known as male to female transformation designs. These styles take away all aspects of being male. They actually change the shape of your penis into a vagina. At Venice beach this last summer I was blown away by how many men I saw wearing them. Since then I have ordered a few for myself and they are beyond amazing. Anyone taking a look at the pouch would know you are female, it is that real. I can’t wait to wear mine to the beach. My guess is no that gender specific ideas are making way to more gender neutral concepts these suits will be more popular than they ever have this coming summer!

Men's Spandex Swimwear That is Right for You

Men all over the world have jumped onboard with men's spandex swimwear and there is a great reason for that. It is true that nearly all men can wear spandex and make themselves look flattering. In fact, there are only a few body types that do not work on men and those men are the ones who do not do anything to keep themselves healthy and in decent trip. Seriously, those types of men are not going to look good in any type of swimsuit. Whether you want to admit it or not, no one is going to find you sexy if you are short and carrying around an extra 100 pounds or so. That is why that even spandex cannot help some men.

On the other hand, men's spandex swimwear tends to work out well for even ordinary men. That’s true. Even if you are carrying a few extra pounds, spandex can still go a long way to make you look pretty hot and sexy. Once you see the great improvement that spandex can make for you, it is quite possible that you will switch totally over to spandex when it comes to swimsuits. You may even find yourself spending more and more time as well as money in shopping for spandex items that make you look like someone that others want to get to know better.

Think about that for a moment. If you have never seemed to find just the right look for your swimsuit and have not tried men's spandex swimwear, what are you waiting for? Now is the time that you can make the most of all of the magical things that spandex can do for you. If you are not totally sure that you will find how of a difference it will make, visit a men's shop that carries swimwear made from spandex. Try on a pair and see what sort of reaction you get from the sales associates. Sometimes they can be handy when they are  not trying to strongly encourage you to buy something. In fact, taking along a trusted friend with you might just be the best way to get started. You will not be disappointed.

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