Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

The bikini is back baby!


One of the companies we follow is Koala Men’s Spandex Swimwear and if you are a swimwear enthusiast you most likely are familiar with them for making the world’s most extreme and min my opinion the most exceptional men’s swimwear designs on the planet. If they are new to you visiting their site at will not only be a treat it will be enlightening!  I noticed one of their newest designs on their site but then started seeing postings about it all over the web. All this excitement being generated about a ne men’s bikini design really peeked my interest. I had to order one and order one I did. A few days later I understood what all the excitement was about. The new “Male Room” bikini might just be the hottest, sexiest, sensuous and best fitting bikini I have ever slipped on. My feelings were virtually identical to what other men were saying on blogs and swimwear sites. This is such a hot swimsuit it makes you want to go to the gym and workout even harder than normal so you can look exceedingly hot wearing this tiny little micro bikini the first chance you get. It’s is such a wonderful swimsuit I might just plan a winter vacation to somewhere sunny, warm and busy so I can relax and be seen on the beach. Looks like bikinis are going to be the hot ticket this season.

Men's spandex swimwear
Spandex bikini

The beach bet.


My go to beach swimsuit is a tiny little black men’s spandex swimwear thong. Yesterday was one of those lucky winter days in Los Angeles. It was perfect weather for the middle of winter. At seventy degrees it was the right time to pull out my tiny micro thong, pack my things and hit the beach with my buddy. He is one of my friends that I have not yet been able to persuade to at the very least try wearing a bikini instead of those ugly loose fitting shorts. He can’t believe I wear so little around all those strangers and that my ass is completely exposed. I made him a bet that if we walked down the beach together more girls would pay attention to me than to him. We both have nice bodies and we are both in our early thirties. He took the bet and said only guys would be checking me out. We walked a few miles. When you are walking around wearing so little you need to be confident and women can see that confidence. Every time I walk the beach wearing my thong I meet interesting new friends and I knew yesterday would be no different. Sure enough and as usual every girl we passed looked over at me and barely noticed him. I stopped to talk to a few and chatted up a few more. There were even a few girls wearing thongs as small as mine and that lets me into their sisterhood. The bet was won by me and now my friend is going to wear one of the suits I choose for him out of my men’s spandex swimwear collection, it might even be smaller than the one I wear!

Shopping for Durable Mens Spandex Swimwear

Guys that are “in the know” understand that mens spandex swimwear is most likely the most durable kind of swimwear that they will find anywhere. Cotton is fine but might have a tendency to be pulled down by strong ocean waves or will just hang on you once you have entered any type of water for swimming. Denim has a similar problem and you can add shrinking to that. Spandex, on the other hand, does not do any of those things simply due to the fact that it is so durable. While being durable, it is also the fabric closest to your skin. That means it breathes with you and can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Mens spandex swimwear is actually the easiest type of swimwear to find when you are ready to start shopping for it. You may even be able to find it in local specialty shops catering to men. There are also shops that carry only swimwear and items that you will need when you go swimming. If you are not the type of guy who enjoys public shopping or you are simply too busy to do some serious shopping at the local mall, there is the option of doing your shopping online. This is what a lot of guys choose to do because they can relax at home with their home computers and take their time browsing mens websites. This gives them plenty of time to peruse the sites they have chosen to find the perfect swimsuits.

Shopping for mens spandex swimwear online is probably preferable to fighting crowds at the mall or at downtown shops. In addition, you will be able to shop on your own time instead of having sales associates lurking close by offering their help. It is not a lot of fun to try shopping with a stranger hanging around you. When you shop online, you can take your time and not worry about offers of “help” or be concerned that the shop will close before you have found your perfect spandex swimsuit. When men get determined enough, they can do anything. Just keep that in mind when you are ready to start your swimwear shopping.  

Trying on new Men’s Spandex swimwear designs.


If you are ready to try on some of the newer sexier men’s spandex swimwear styles there are a few things you should know. 1. You are not going to find any truly hot designs at the store even at a women’s swimwear store that offers some bikinis for men. These stores generally stick to shorts, sometimes some spandex shorts and a bikini here and there. Form fitting bikinis to extremely risqué thongs and g-strings are going to be found at online stores. 2. Buy quality from the start. The first thing you should know about buying quality men’s spandex swimwear is that you will not find quality construction from most Asian countries with and that is almost always being the case with swimwear made in China. There suits are production line goods that are rarely made well almost never fit well and as far as style goes are completely lacking. You don’t need to own many swimsuits but the ones you own should be great. Men’s spandex swimwear made in the USA, Israel, Brazil and many parts of Europe offer great quality with amazing designers and styles. In my opinion the most extreme swimwear designs on the market are coming out of California and Florida and the level of quality is exceptional.  3. Don’t be shy about showing skin. Take a lesson from the ladies and go ahead and show some skin but just like the ladies make sure you are well groomed i.e. completely shaved if you are going to wear something really slinky and sexy. Don’t worry the boys and the girls love that look! 4. If you are switching from shorts to a bikini or even a thong make sure to get the non tan area tan before you go to a public beach. You want to stand out but you don’t want your bright white ass to look like a light house. 5. Have fun! Wearing sexy men’s spandex swimwear designs is a blast, it feels great, you will get noticed (I have met more women since changing from shorts to wearing a thong) and you will have an awesome tan line. Enjoy!

Men’s spandex swimwear fashion

This is shaping up to be a fantastic spring/summer beach season when it comes to exciting new swimwear designs for men. Can you say minimal coverage because minimal coverage is going to be in, very in this season. Expect to see men’s spandex swimwear on beaches all over the world including here in the USA. Bikinis and micro shorts will be the hottest styles but you will still see lots of interesting new thongs and G-strings at some of the more liberal beaches. Micro shorts might pass board shorts this season as the go to men’s spandex swimwear of choice.  

Shaved clean wearing men’s spandex swimwear

I have always felt that if you are going to wear a swimsuit that is no larger than a girls tiny swimsuit you might as well be groomed as well as the ladies are. My taste goes to the very smallest micro men’s spandex swimwear designs ones as small and often times smaller than what the ladies are wearing. Though some men and women are into the hairy look my take is that the look does not work well when guys wear a bikini, thong or G-string. Too little fabric and way too much skin if it is covered with hair. Shave it! Wax it! Or do like me and have it permanently removed with laser treatments. Showing off your smooth lovely skin all the way up to the shaft and balls is absolutely fine at most beaches but looking good is a must. Well groomed and hairless men attract a lot of attention when wearing so little, it might as well be good attention. When I am hairless, tan and wearing my little thong to the beach it is a virtual man magnet. I’m gay but many of my straight friends go almost bare too. I never try to pick up on women, not my thing but I can tell you many have tried to pick up on me when I am so close to nude at the beach. If straight guys knew how much action they would get wearing so little, all shaved up and looking lovely I believe many would make the switch over to wearing men’s spandex swimwear. It would be more eye candy for me too.

Men's spandex bikini