Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

Men’s Spandex swimwear it’s the bikini time of the year!

Are you excited about summer I know I am. I love summer and being able to go to the beach virtually nude. Here in Southern California we have just a couple nude beaches and unfortunately none near Los Angeles where I live. That said our beaches are still great and you can wear just about any swimsuit you want. I love wearing tiny thongs, G-strings and of course micro bikinis. I love how they cover almost nothing allowing me to have a tan line so tiny it is amazingly close to a nude tan line. The only way you can get these great little tan lines is switching to men’s spandex swimwear. Only men’s spandex swimwear designs offer you swimsuits small enough to give you 99% of a nude tanning experience while staying totally legal. I have a huge collection of suits some are so small they just barely cover my penis. These designs require that I be completely shave since the tan line starts a fraction of an inch above my shaft. I tend to choose designs that compress the penis making it look smaller and more compact. These designs allow me to be almost nude but I blend in very well with the girls wearing their micro swimsuits. I have designs that feature enlargement pouches and I will often wear them when I go to Vegas or Palm Springs but at the beach micro bikinis and thongs are the ones I choose. Virtually all my swimsuits are from the crazy guys over at Awesome suits that fit me perfectly and are made in the USA! It doesn’t get any better than that.

The easy way to have a much larger looking penis! It’s perfect for your spandex bikini, thong or G-string.


The first thing I want everyone to know is that many men’s spandex swimwear designs actually look better if your penis is small. That fit is so much better and the lines of the designs are perfect. I would go as far as saying many men’s swimwear designs are created specifically for men with small penises. That said there are times and suits you might want to wear and show off a more pronounced cock. I feel you since I have a small penis myself and I know there are times when you want to show off more than you have. Whether to impress that special girl or guy or just look like the beach stud you have always dreamed of being. The Tango from is the answer to your prayers. I ordered one last week on the first day it was available and received it a couple of days ago. It is awesome and it makes my cock look twice as big in a bikini with a big fat head another thing I don’t naturally have. The Tango slips over the penis head instantly, it will stay on all day and when used under a men’s spandex swimwear designs it makes the penis appear much larger and thicker. It is an awesome product!

Sorry no models just me in one of my favorite G-strings. This one has a built in anal stretcher. How fucking awesome is that?

Tango penis head cum dam enlarger

If you visit any busy beach in the USA this summer one thing will jump out at you right away. There are more men wearing bikinis and micro shorts than ever before in fact there are many men wearing thongs and Brazilian swimwear designs too. Tight fitting body forming swimsuits of the micro variety for men are more popular than ever. This looks like a trend that is here to stay. We are seeing more men getting into great shape, men of all ages who are eager to show off the results of those long hours in the gym. Micro shorts seem to be the cross over fashion for men wanting to try something that will show off their bodies but are too shy to jump right into wearing a bikini or a thong. The fact is once you try men’s spandex swimwear there is no turning back. Most men tend to go smaller and smaller with their swimsuit picks after all once you have hung out in a cheek exposing pair of micro shorts for the beach it is an easy transition and an inevitable one that you will move on to bikinis and even smaller styles.