Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

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Men's Spandex Swimwear Are Widely Available

There are a lot of different designs coming out in men's spandex swimwear that might be quite shocking to some people. Any guy that has fallen in love with this type of material will not find them shocking at all but the general public probably will find them a bit unnerving to say the least. There was a time not too long ago that wearing any type of spandex swimwear would have been shocking to anyone out in public but those days are slipping into the past now. There are actually more guys out there wearing spandex than you might imagine and that is making them a bit more common place on the beach.

The newer designs in men's spandex swimwear however are becoming skimpier than ever as guys are starting to look for designs that still have that initial shock they love so much. Sure the material itself is comfortable and that is the main reason guys are continuing to wear them, but getting that look from people that haven’t seen something this sexy before is always a clincher with most guys. There is something so erotic about showing off a design for the first time that it is usually the only reason they keep buying new swimwear every year.

If you haven’t seen any men's spandex swimwear out on the beach then you are either walking around on the wrong beaches or you simply aren’t looking hard enough, although you really don’t need to look all that hard to see someone wearing spandex. You probably just aren’t aware of what spandex actually looks like these days. You might be surprised at the fact that most of the swimwear you see guys wearing on the beach that aren’t swim trunks or board shorts are made from some type of spandex. All you have to do is take a close look and you will see it for yourself. But you should be warned that once you realize just how many spandex designs are available you will probably want to try some on for yourself.

How to Shop for Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Guys often have a difficult time shopping for men’s spandex swimwear. This is actually quite understandable when you consider the number of men who hate shopping for anything, even if it is for themselves. There are several reasons that men hate shopping. There are the crowds, of course. After all, who does not hate having to fight the hoards of other people also shopping. Then there are the sales associates who are always lurking just over your shoulder so that you do not feel comfortable really looking for rather erotic swimsuit. The prices can be unreasonably expensive, too, although that is not something you can always get around when you want high quality.

The next thing you have to worry about is finding just the ideal style of men’s spandex swimwear that is going to look best on you. Granted, when you shop in the mall or department stores, your choices are going to be limited as well. It will be difficult to be unique when you buy anything off the rack because there will be only a set amount of different styles. Dressing cookie cutter style never works because you will never stand out in any crowd. Those swim suits are going to be the same and you are also going to have a hard time finding great spandex swim suits even though it is well known that spandex makes the best swimwear of all.  

Quite probably the best suggestion of all when it comes to shopping for men’s spandex swimwear is shopping from your computer. The internet has become the planet Earth’s largest shopping mall due to the fact that it sells absolutely everything. There is literally nothing that you cannot find when shopping online. You will have no problems with finding parking spaces or the items that you need after going. On the internet, spandex swimwear is simply a touch of your hand on the computer mouse and you will have all you need.

Fashionable Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Men’s spandex swimwear is all over the place. It is so common, that many designer names are also picking up on the desirability of this type of swimwear. Diesel is one company that designs men’s swimsuits created from spandex. Their line is made of mostly deep, bold colors. Their designs can be unique and vibrant as well, depending on what style of swimwear you prefer. TYR is a brand that uses bold, contrasting coloring on their spandex attire. They are also one of the few brands that really bring some individuality to the knee length swim shorts. It is hard not to feel like a merman when donning some of their colorful and expressive garb. Nike, being a brand modeled around physical activity and sporty lifestyles is also, of course, making men’s spandex swimwear. Their more popular spandex styles are the bikinis and the briefs. Nike focuses more on the practical need for this type of swimwear for people who participate in swimming sports or bodybuilding professions.

The general style of the summer seems to be deep, dark colors. Most of these styles come in dark greys, browns, navy blues, or black. On the wilder of the fashion spectrum, many designers are using the deep color base and splashing some bold colors over the top. Even the yellows, pinks, and greens are not necessarily bright, though. The colors are reminiscent of the neon lights in a dark night club. They are reflective of a party atmosphere and act as a compliment in that type of environment.

The color scheme was generally a little brighter last year, and even now, you can find brightly colored men’s spandex swimwear; however, the most prominent style remains darker for this season. If you want to really fit in with a modern scene at the beach or a resort swimming pool, jammers are also making a statement. They are knee-length and tight, much like spandex workout shorts.

Men’s Spandex Swimwear is Still Cool

Even though men’s spandex swimwear has been around now for quite a while, it is still cool to be spotted in a spandex swimsuit when at a crowded beach. Many people seem to feel that there may be something about wearing spandex that is not exactly classy. Those people, however, could not be any more wrong in their assessment of spandex. These are the people who seem to feel that spandex items are “cheap” and something not good to be seen in public. This is much like those people that believe in “trailer trash” as the right name for those who reside in mobile homes in parks. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

In fact, men’s spandex swimwear is among the most popular these days. People who criticize or make fun of it are clearly not in the know. If they were, they would not make such remarks. It is good to know that more people than less are familiar with swimwear created from spandex these days, which means that the ignorance of the population is cut in half or more. The more that spandex swimsuits are worn, the more well-known and desired they become. It has become totally cool to wear them and men with decent bodies can really rock them when they visit their favorite swimming venues.

Something else to remember is that men’s spandex swimwear is cool because it makes the men wearing it cool. The thought of wearing a swimsuit tends to make most guys do some serious assessing of their bodies before appearing in public showing off a lot of their bare skin. They do not want to have flabs of fat hanging out there in the open for everyone to see. Therefore, spandex swimsuits are helpful in keeping many guys in shape. At least in good enough shape to wear a swimsuit made of spandex, and nothing is cooler than that.

Penis shaped G-string
Men's spandex swimwear
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Men’s spandex G-strings

If there is a men’s spandex swimwear design that demands its wearer have confidence it would be the G-string swimsuit. These suits are popular on some of the hippest beaches but again you need to be a real exhibitionist just like the girls that wear these styles are. They are risqué by nature created to barely cover the penis and in fact some of these designs offer pouches that are shaped like the penis for the ultimate in form fitting fashion. G-strings allow you to get and have the most fantastic tan line many people feel the tan line from a G-string is sexier than a nude tan line and I for one am in total agreement with that view.  Wearing a G-string swimsuit is so close to wearing nothing that some people are amazed it is legal. The fact is most beaches in the USA and Europe allow the rear to be completely exposed and as long as the male or female genitals are covered you are good to go. It took me a while to get comfortable wearing a G-string on public beaches. My girlfriend wears a thong but she finds a G-string that just barely covers her lips is too small to be comfortable. On the other had I find them extremely comfortable but you need to get over having everyone and I do mean everyone checking you out. These days I have no problem at all strolling down the beach for miles with my girlfriend all the while wearing a swimsuit so small I’m sure most people that see me coming think I am completely nude! I have a number of different G-string style designs in my men's spandex swimwear collection including bulge style pouches that are ultra micro but with built in adjustable spandex cock rings to keep the bulge looking nice and full no matter your actual size which in my case is on the rather small size. I also have a number of G-strings that actually show-off how small I am. This is a hot look and something many men are trying after all we can’t all be eight inches soft and many of us who are as small as an inch or less are still eager to wear design that shows how beautiful our bodies are.