All the Men's Spandex Swimwear Designs You Don’t See

I have seen some pretty interesting men's spandex swimwear designs lately and they got me curious as to what other designs might be out there. I started looking around online to see what I could find and was surprised at the sheer amount of styles that I hadn’t been seeing in public. Out of the hundreds or designs that I had seen, there were thousands more hidden online that I thought should be brought out into the public as soon as possible. I know that some of those designs were a bit too erotic for public consumption, but people still need to know about them.

I know that I would wear all of the men's spandex swimwear designs that I saw online if I happened to live in an area where it would be appropriate to do so. Unfortunately I have to travel a couple of hours to get to a beach so I don’t get out there that much. If I were to wear these swimwear designs in public in my small town I would probably be locked up rather quickly. It really is a sad day in the world where a guy can't wear something he really likes because other people don’t understand the concept of personal freedom.

I have thought about buying as many of those men's spandex swimwear designs as I could and making plans to go to the beach every weekend but I am sure that none of my friends would be willing to go with me. Especially when they found out that the only reason I wanted to go was to wear some skimpy swimwear on the beach without getting laughed at. I might be able to get them to go with me a couple of times but they would eventually figure it out and I would end up being on my own. Now that I think about it I would probably prefer to be on my own so that they won't laugh at me too.

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