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New men's Neoprene Bikini swimsuit.

I got a great idea for a new men’s spandex swimwear design at the gym.


Ideas for men’s spandex swimwear designs come from all over and even some places you would never think of swimwear coming from. Many of the hottest men’s spandex swimwear styles have been influenced by women’s bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even shorts but not very many have been influenced by one piece swimwear designs. That is all about to change because of a one piece Brazilian women’s workout design I spotted at the gym. The design I saw was not a one piece swimsuit it was a one piece shorts and top in one. Lucky for me the girl wearing it was someone I knew so it was not a problem talking to her about it. She is Brazilian and loves to wear spandex designs that show off her beyond amazing body, she might just have the nicest ass I have ever seen and the one piece spandex suit she was wearing made it look astonishing. She knows I am a designer of men’s swimwear and that I love wearing spandex workout wear as well. I workout at a very large gym in Los Angeles but I had never seen anything like what she had on. The materiel was a thin spandex that looked like it was sprayed on her. She was wearing the tiniest G-string under it. The suit itself went so far up her butt  that there was nothing left to the imagination, you could see her entire ass, the shape of the cheeks, her flawless muscle tone and I’m sure if she did not have on the g-string she would have been showing the perfect shape of her completely shaved vagina. Before I go on let me tell you I am gay and she knows it we have changed in front of each other much like girls do. Her body is perfect, her face is beautiful and though I would love to look like her and have her body she has the wrong equipment to turn me on erotically. This is a huge advantage when it comes to checking out designs that women are wearing especially ones I would like to make for men. I thought the style she was wearing would be amazing for men and without changing to many aspects of it. I thought it would make a great men’s spandex swimwear design but also a great suit for men to workout in. My idea was to just change the part that covers the chest to completely flat. I even thought that the standard pouch could work for men who are into male transformation designs. These styles are ones that make men appear female. I could also add a pouch to the design for guys who are into showing off a bulge. After our workout she told me she had other similar styles at her house and wanted to see if I would like to try one on. That would be a great idea! Back at her place she pulled out a few of the same styles, why not have a few of something you look so incredible in. My favorite transformation design is the Clever Girl by Koalaswim and that would have been perfect to wear with the Brazilian one piece but I did not have it with me so I opted to try it on with no panties. I was happy she let me take a rinse first. Clean and ready to go I was worried that being taller than her it might not fit but there was no need to worry. It fit me like it fit her except in the chest. My penis is so even in the skin tight female front pouch you could see a little shaft, barely but visible because it was skin tight. If I was wearing my Clever Girl suit I would have looked exactly like my girlfriend, the thought of that did turn me on but not enough for her to notice. The rear is where this idea really shined. It was so far up my but you could see the outline of my hole, this is a look I strive for in many men’s spandex swimwear styles I create and yet this one did it naturally. It was loose around my chest because my friend has large breasts and my muscled chest would maybe be an A cup. All at once I could see how to add a pouch to make it work for that look too. The only thing that would need to be done on both the bulge pouch style and the feminine front style would be to make the chest area work for a man.  I loved the way it looked, my friend loved the way it looked and was surprised it would fit so well on a guy even a semi femme guy. This is definitely a design I will be working on to perfect. I would love doing a workout with her wearing the same color one piece!

Speedos for Men

It seems that the swimsuit named speedos for men might not have been around for a long time, however, it has not been that far in the past when this wonderful design was launched to a wary population. Of course, there were always going to be those men of the adventurous type who love taking on a challenge, and being the first to try out something, even in public. It was most likely the way of introducing these new and sexy speedos. Obviously, there are always going to be people who do not like to have any fun in their lives and object to anything new. But those people are pretty easy to ignore.

The remarkable thing about speedos for men is that they go a long way to enhancing a man’s body. Of course, that would address the guys who have at least a decent body. You do not have to have the body of a Mr. Universe or something similar in order to get some positive attention when you stroll out onto the beach wearing your speedos. Actually, some of those guys seem a little bit overly ripped to be found attractive. So just focusing on treating your body as well as you can will accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.

Probably the most important thing to remember about speedos for men is that you must have the confidence needed to successfully pull off wearing one. Possibly the only sort of swimwear available is a pouch design, but the speedo comes in pretty close to the top of the list of most revealing swimsuits. It is undeniably a sexy garment that you will be proud to use in showing off your body. Pair a new and improved body with a well fitting speedo and you are destined to be a big attraction at your favorite swimming venue. 

Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Of all the swimsuits for guys, men’s spandex swimwear is one of the most popular styles around. Spandex is one of the sexiest materials for both men and women, but when it comes to men’s swimwear; it is the perfect fabric. One of the reasons that so many spandex swimsuits are bought is because of the fit they provide for the men who buy them. Spandex is a fabric that is perfect for many types of athletic clothing. You may choose to wear bicycle shorts, workout clothes, and, of course, swimwear. When you select swimwear made from spandex, you will immediately notice how comfortable it is. Nothing can quite compare with spandex, especially when swimwear is made from it. You will not have to worry about your swimsuit coming down when you hit a hard wave in the ocean. It will stay right where it is. You have seen those photos of celebrities emerging from the ocean totally nude because they lost their swimsuits in the water. That does not have to be you. 

​Men’s Spandex Swimwear

When it is time for you to update your swimsuit wardrobe, you might want to check out some men’s spandex swimwear. Hundreds of thousands of guys all over the world swear by this swimwear. Spandex has been found to be the perfect fabric for many active wear styles, but spandex is remarkable when used to create swimwear of all kinds. Many fit men will not wear any other swimsuits that are not made from spandex. You know those guys who go to the beach wearing some sort of cotton swimsuits? When it is time to go down to the water’s edge, they do just fine until an expectedly high wave hits. Many of these men will find themselves in a rather embarrassing situation as the wave has pulled off their swimsuits. That has even happened to celebrities, and you would think that they would know better. With spandex swimsuits, you never have to worry about a rogue wave showing everyone what you have underneath. 

men's neoprene bikini swimsuit