Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

One of the hottest trends in men's swimwear are the male to female transformation style swimsuits. They are available in short shorts, bikinis and thongs and they completely repackage your male equipment to appear totally female.

Be Adventurous in Men's Spandex Swimwear

There are enough men's spandex swimwear options for guys these days that you should be able to find something that you would be willing to wear in public. I know that a few years ago there were not all that many options and that pretty much kept a lot of guys from giving something of this nature a try. Most guys feared what other people would think about them wearing something made from spandex and I can understand that. But there were a handful of us that did not care what others thought and we delved into this spandex world knowing that something great was going to come out of it eventually.

I have to say that I am very happy that I went in for the men's spandex swimwear designs. I might not care about them if I did not get involved when I did. On the other hand, since I did get involved; I can say that I will never go back to the swimwear that I used to wear. I had more issues with those older designs than I care to admit. But my spandex designs always fit perfectly no matter what and I do not have to worry about them adjusting themselves when I get in or out of the water. That alone makes them worth wearing as far as I am concerned.

If you are interested in wearing men's spandex swimwear, then I say go for it. Do not sit there and think about what your friends are going to say, either. If your friends are not going to stand behind you and encourage you to do things in your life that you normally would not do, then they are not exactly good friends to hang out with. My friends are always trying to get me to do things that I normally would not do and if it was not for them; I would have the adventurous life that I currently have. Just think about how great your life could be if you did something wild once in a while. After you try the first adventure, you are definitely going to want another one.


Male form men’s spandex swimwear designs have been around for a number of years and they have been popular styles for men into extremely risqué swimwear. Male form design is a euphemism for men’s spandex swimwear designs that have a pouch shaped exactly the shape of a penis. Many of these styles are available in micro sized male form shapes all the way up to large pouch styles. The big news is that they are becoming a more popular standard or mainstream option for men and that is especially true with the micro size pouches. These designs hold the flaccid or small erect penis in its natural shape and size the pouch being anatomically correct. When you think about the way a pouch like this looks it really is not much different than the way women display their breasts on the beach. Making a design that is extremely comfortable, very sexy and just a little bit edgy is why these styles are being seen much more often at many beaches. These styles have always been exciting additions to the big pool parties in Las Vegas, obviously if most guys are wearing baggy shorts and you show up in a male form swimsuit who is going to get all the attention?  You! I have used these suits many times and they are in my collection of men’s spandex swimwear. I like the extremely small pouch styles because they always look full no matter how small you get. I tend to order swimwear with four-way stretch Lycra spandex and if I get engorged the suit shape will grow with me. As you might imagine these suits are fun and exciting in the water and great for beach strolls or getting a great tan but they are not as good as many other men’s spandex swimwear styles when it comes to beach sports like volleyball and running. Too much extra pouch flopping around which means not enough support for intense exercise.

Shopping for the Perfect Men’s Spandex Swimwear

When guys decide that it is time to start shopping for new men’s spandex swimwear, they want to be certain that it is a perfect fit and style for them. They do not want something that hangs when they come out of the water. They also do not want a swim suit that might simply come off through being drawn completely down by a heavy ocean wave. Spandex is known for being the perfect fabric for swimwear because it molds to your body and basically stays put. It breathes with your skin to the point that you no longer feel as if you are wearing anything at all. This is a very popular sensation for guys who are into nudity. While they might be on the beach in a spandex swim suit, they could also feel as if they are totally nude. Once you decide that you want spandex swimwear, the best way to shop for it might just be done on the internet. There are thousands of websites carrying such items and you can do your shopping in the privacy of your own home.

Finding your men’s spandex swimwear and choosing the right surf suit.


When the waves get big not all men’s spandex swimwear is equal or up to the job. I love tanning in my micro thong swimsuits but I also love bodysurfing. When the waves are small to medium sized say up to 4’ I can wear my thong without any issues. Thongs are slinky, sexy and believe it or not let you ride waves at speeds that blow away any of the guys wearing surf shorts. When the waves get larger than that thongs tend to get pulled off and I have ended up on the beach naked one too many times to wear a thong in big surf. When the surfs is up I will switch to a bikini or micro shorts. They are sill super fast in the surf so much so that I tend to not wear fins which you would need to do wearing board style shorts just to get up enough speed to catch the waves. Men’s spandex swimwear is perfect for bodysurfing and regular surfing. During the winter they are perfect under a wetsuit and best of all you look totally hot once you peel the wetsuit off. In the summer you get to look hot all the time in a thong, bikini or micro shorts. I say why not look great when you work so hard to keep your body in shape.

How often do people think you are female?

There are all sorts of men’s spandex swimwear styles including shorts, briefs, bikinis, thongs, G-strings and pouch only styles. When you get to the bikinis and smaller there are also micro and ultra micro styles of these designs along with the newest trend call male to female transformation designs. The men’s spandex swimwear styles I most often go with are the micro thongs, micro bikinis and male to female transformation swimsuits. For those of you not familiar with male to female transformation swimwear these are designs that actually erase any visuals  of there being a penis and replace it with a completely smooth flat pouch or the even more exciting camel toe look pouches which look exactly like a woman wearing a camel toe style suit. Every time I wear the male to female style suits men and women think I am female, I have even had ladies come up and ask me if it is OK to go topless at this beach. When I am wearing these designs it is expected to be seen as female and in my opinion a compliment indeed. Other times when I am wearing a micro pouch thong or bikini with a bulge showing there are still people that get confused and think I am a female because of the size of the swimsuit. This does not bother me at all since again the female form is that of extreme beauty and to be recognized as that is a nice thing. I was just curious about how often this happens to other men. My body is hairless which helps make it look feminine but I am fairly muscular. These days there seems to be lots of women who are muscular too. I would love to hear about your experiences wearing men’s spandex swimwear.