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Men's spandex swimwear

Men’s spandex swimwear briefs

What are men’s spandex swimwear briefs? The common thread running through all brief designs is that they have full rear coverage which means even a very small bikini with a tiny little front pouch can still be considered a brief if the coverage is full in the rear that is little to no cheek exposed. Men’s spandex swimwear in brief styles include full back bikinis, string bikinis with a full rear, male to female transformation bikinis with a full rear, Speedo style swimsuits and most boy short style swimwear designs. I find it interesting that when it comes to boy short style briefs they actually can show some cheek and still be considered briefs. They are also known as short shorts and micro shorts for men and these are one of the fastest growing segments of men’s spandex swimwear. They are extremely popular with all age ranges of men but are most popular for the men in their twenties in up to their mid fifties. That said I have seen many fit older men who wear these designs extremely well. A girlfriend of mine saw a man wearing a tiny pair of micro shorts at the beach the other day and said she thought it was extremely sexy seeing a man that fit in his seventies! I guess that means there is hope for all of us as long as we get into shape for the summer. The micro short styles are hot for more than just being used as beach wear with many men now wearing them as sexy workout shorts. I have seen more and more of the is at my gym in Hollywood and I have even started working out wearing a very sexy micro pair of shorts with a nice pronounced bulge that attracts a ton of positive attention. I own a number of different designs including the male to female transformation swimsuits, bulge styles, micro shorts with penis shaped pouches (these pouches fit to the exact shape of my penis and as you might guess everyone takes a first second and third glance at the beach). Here in Los Angeles I have found that you can wear almost anything even swimsuits that leave the rear completely exposed as long as there is a pouch covering the front. When I wear the penis shaped briefs it fully exposes the shape of my non erect penis but it is all fully covered. I have never had an issue wearing these to the beach but I don’t think I would try them at the gym.

Men’s spandex swimwear micro wear

I find it interesting that the more time you spend on the beach wearing men’s spandex swimwear the smaller the swimsuits you prefer wearing. Most men start off wearing men’s spandex bikinis. Bikinis come in all sizes from suits with as much coverage as Speedos to micro bikinis that have front pouches that are so small the wearer must be completely shaved and designs that have pouches that are actually designed to incorporate the penis in the style. The rear coverage starts at full back designs and can go all the way down to the micro Brazilian style bikinis that can covers as little as 20% of the rear leaving a whopping 80% fully exposed but still beach legal in most places, make sure to check with your local beach since some areas will consider that little coverage a thong. My regular swimsuits for a number of years was a micro bikini but at some point I need to have my ass fully exposed like only a thong or G-string can do. Living in Los Angeles the beaches are totally thong friendly. On any summer weekend you will see hundreds of women, all ages wearing thongs and you are starting to see more men doing the same. The best local beaches for wearing a thong and blending in with the crowds would be Venice, Will Rodgers and the beaches around Marina Del Rey though Malibu is great for wearing your tiniest thong too. My thongs started with full coverage fronts but just like wearing bikinis as time went on I started craving smaller and smaller designs. The pouches I wear now are so small they appear as though they would not hold my equipment. These are my favorite designs, they compress the penis making it appear on the small side, which actually give me more support if I am walking on the beach with a friend, playing volleyball or just having fun in the surf. I am completely shaved which is a requirement for wearing a swimsuit this small after all you want to look hot and sexy, to me there is nothing hotter than the total shaved look on both men and women.

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Men's spandex swimwear briefs