Men's Spandex Swimwear and Some Things to Consider

There are a few things about men's spandex swimwear that I wish I would have known before I started wearing them out in public. None of these things are bad or anything like that, so if you have not ever worn spandex in the past, you do not have to worry about me relating some kind of horror story to you. Actually, most of the things I wish I would have known end up being rather funny now that I think about it. It really is a good thing that I have a very good sense of humor or I could have given up on wearing this type of swimwear in the beginning.

The first thing about men's spandex swimwear that I wish I had known involves my body hair. You see, I am a rather hairy man and I did not even consider the fact that I would have to take care of certain areas of my body before going out in public. I slipped into my first design and noticed almost immediately, though. I was shocked at how much hair I had in that area, too. But it’s all taken care of and I know to keep it trimmed beforehand so that I do not have to worry so much about razor burns or knicks in places you don’t want them.

The second thing I should have thought about before buying my first ever men's spandex swimwear was the fact that you can't go with the pant size you wear thinking that you are going to be comfortable. I slipped into mine and they almost slipped right back off. I figured they would be a little tight so I fudged my size a bit because of the way they looked on a website. You should not do that at all. Always make sure that you are buying the right size so that you do not have to send them back and wait even longer to get the right size. Those two weeks were the worst of my life having to wait like that. Although, now that I have been through that experience, I have learned my lesson.

Fun with Men’s Spandex Swimwear

There are so many reasons why the new men’s spandex swimwear designs are fun to wear, here are a few:

You can show off your body in the new men’s spandex swimwear designs. There are few clothing designs that will show off your body like a spandex bikini, thong or G-string and in fact some of the suits are so skimpy and so sexy that it is like legally going to the beach nude. They cover enough to keep you legal yet they show off just about everything. The suits I wear are so small they just barely cover the penis. They are so small that I need to be completely shaved like the girls do. They are so small that every time I wear one to the beach I meet new guys. There are no surprises because they can see it all and they like what they see. I’m gay as you might guess but I can also tell you I get hit on by women all the time too. They like a man who has no problem feminine side which obviously I have no problem with.


I’m a beach guy as are many of you reading this and if you are into men’s spandex swimwear like I am you already know how much fun it is to wear a sexy spandex suit in the water. If you think spandex swimwear fits skin tight on its own wait until you get in the water and the suit looks like a second skin. Once you are in the water the way the spandex feels and fits intensifies and many men including myself find this very arousing. It brings a whole new menacing to fun in the sun.  If you are a board short guy and you switch to a spandex bikini you will be blown away by how much more exciting bodysurfing is without the drag of those old shorts, you literally flow through the water like a dolphin.


Lying out on the beach wearing men’s spandex swimwear is amazing.  My style of choice is a micro thong which allows me to get a fantastic tan and creates a beautiful visual. It attracts guys like crazy and there are now so many other men wearing spandex swimsuits just going to the beach and checking them out is so much fun.

Men’s material swimwear Shorts
Many men notice men’s material swimwear shorts to be an excellent initial possibility once creating the amendment over to make fitting body acutely aware fashion designs. i'd tend to consider them. If you're going from saggy to skin tight you would possibly wish to start out with swimwear styles that supply full coverage however don’t assume that carrying material shorts means that you can not go very attractive, daring and risqué whereas still staying with a men’s material swimwear short vogue. very often going additional extreme right from the beginning is that the best thanks to go. Why not begin with a combine of short shorts that show slightly cheek, that supply a pleasant very little bulge read nonetheless ar still fully good for carrying to any pool, beach or maybe the athletic facility. These styles supply the simplest of all world’s particularly for the person UN agency is just too back to start out off carrying a bikinis, thong or G-string. If you seek advice from most guys that ar into carrying men’s material swimwear the one factor several of them had in common was they were too back to indicate an excessive amount of too early. it's abundant easier to travel slow and obtain accustomedcarrying less and fewer. I started with material shorts and currently I wear the littlest swimsuits on the world. There ar occasions I still wear shorts except for the foremost half I wear short short’s as cover-ups or if the surf is massive.

Men’s spandex swimwear Shorts

Many men find men’s spandex swimwear shorts to be a great first option when making the change over to form fitting body conscious fashion styles. I would tend to agree with them. If you are going from baggy to skin tight you might want to start with swimwear designs that offer full coverage but don’t assume that wearing spandex shorts means you cannot go extremely sexy, daring and risqué while still staying with a men’s spandex swimwear short style. Quite often going more extreme right from the start is the best way to go. Why not start with a pair of short shorts that show a little cheek, that offer a nice little bulge view yet are still absolutely perfect for wearing to any pool, beach or even the gym. These designs offer the best of all world’s especially for the man who is too shy to start off wearing a bikinis, thong or G-string. If you talk to most guys that are into wearing men’s spandex swimwear the one thing many of them had in common was they were too shy to show too much too early. It is much easier to go slow and get used to wearing less and less. I started with spandex shorts and now I wear the smallest swimsuits on the planet. There are occasions I still wear shorts but for the most part I wear short short’s as cover-ups or if the surf is large.

​Why Should You Buy Men’s Spandex Swimwear?

His name was Damion. His hair was soft and perfect. His body was built like a Greek god, a face chiseled out of stone. He laid his smoldering gaze on you and watched you swim around the pool. You did not feel quite as confident when you came to the pool today with your friends. You had on some new men’s spandex swimwear, and you were worried it would be too tight and indecent for a public outing. All your worries washed away, though, as Damion eyed you from head to toe, lingering on that spandex pulled taut from wetness. You could feel the blood rushing through your cock so hard, you could almost feel your heartbeat pulsing through the shaft. You know when you get out of the water, Damion will be waiting for you at the end of the pool. He already has a drink in his hand, so he will surely stay for another with you. What a relief you did not wear those swim trunks today! Your night is sure to turn into a wonderful time. All of this because you were brave enough to throw on a pair of men’s swimwear made of spandex and feel confident in your body!

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