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I Got My Friends Hooked On Men's Spandex Swimwear

Since I have been wearing men's spandex swimwear for a while I can say that there are few things in my life that compare to the comfort and freedom that these swimwear designs give me. I have tried all kinds of different swimwear and clothing items in my life and none of them even come close to giving me the same kind of feelings that my spandex can give me. Trust me I have looked for a very long time and nothing out there feels the same way that wearing my spandex out in public does.

I have even gotten a few of my friends to wear men's spandex swimwear due to my insistence that they try something different. Once they slip into their first spandex item they immediately understand why I pushed so hard for them to get involved. They usually end up thanking me for opening their eyes to something that they normally wouldn’t try out and I always feel really good when that happens. It makes me happy to know that I am not the only guy out there that enjoys wearing things like this and seeing their smiling faces out in public makes me realize that I have done a part in making their lives better.

I can't wait to see what new men's spandex swimwear designs are in the making right now. I keep a constant eye on many websites so that I can stay ahead of the trend and my friends are always impressed with whatever new design I start wearing. They usually end up buying the same design within a couple of weeks of me wearing it for the first time and that is pretty cool too. No matter what you might think about swimwear like this, you have to admit that it really is awesome to see your friends jumping on your bandwagon and enjoying themselves just like you do.

Tiny pouch micro thong.Made in the USA

Getting noticed in Men’s spandex swimwear  

Looking for a way to meet more girls? Looking for a way to meet more guys? Maybe you are looking to meet more of both whichever category you fall into I can promise you results and it is easier than you might think it would be.  This site is all about men’s spandex swimwear so of course this story is about wearing these wonderful micro bikinis, thongs and G-strings not only for the pleasure of doing it but about how a little men’s spandex swimwear designs can also be a weapon in your arsenal. Before you dismiss it right from the onset take a moment to absorb the following: Half the battle is getting noticed. This is both a fact and a statement of logic. If you are just like everyone else, dressed like everyone else you will end up getting about the same amount of attention everyone else gets. I started wearing bikinis and thongs a number of years ago here in Southern California because I wanted a great tan. First I would wear them around the pool at my condo and when I got the courage and I already had a great tan line I decided to hit the beach wearing them. Unlike today where there are many men and almost all the ladies wearing super micro spandex swimwear there were few guys doing it. Almost immediately you notice people checking you out when you are wearing next to nothing and it is pretty much stay the same today as it was when I first started but the most interesting thing is how many women and men would approach me. You might not be surprised by the fact that men’s spandex swimwear acts as a man magnet that seems simple enough to understand on the face of it. The interesting thing is how many women it attracts. I noticed right away that more girls wearing skimpy swimsuits would be putting their towels close to mine. After meeting so many women this way over the years I realized many assumed I was gay and felt like they would not be bothered by another gawking guy. In addition it was so easy striking up conversations when I was wearing as little as they were. Let this little insight sink in and you might just see the genius behind it.

I Can't Stop Thinking About Spandex Swimsuit Designs

Whenever I see a spandex swimsuit out on the beach I stop and think about how great I would look if I were the one wearing it. Now that used to happen every now and then as I didn’t really see that many guys wearing spandex out in public. But there has been a surge in men wearing these items over the last few years and it seems I spend much more of my time thinking about wearing them than actually looking for any that I might be able to slip into. All of my friends think there is something wrong with me because I am paying more attention to the spandex swimsuit designs that I see rather than talking to them or checking out the women walking around in thongs. I see the women too and I like them but there is something about a good spandex design that I can't seem to stop thinking about. Maybe I should finally break down and buy one for myself.

​Wake up to men’s spandex swimwear!


What are you waiting for? Those old surf shorts are not looking any better than they ever did. It’s time to try something that is going to make your body look great, feel great wearing it and it will be exciting to wear. Men’s spandex swimwear is all that and more. There are so many designs to choose from, a bikini would be a nice change or a pair of very tiny short shorts to show off all that hard work you have done on your body. Maybe you will go all in and slip on a tasty sexy little thong or G-string. Unless you have tried wearing men’s spandex swimwear you really do not have any idea how huge a change in your life they can be. They say the suit makes the man and that goes double for a swimsuit. Old tired baggy shorts or hot stylish spandex designs. Don’t delay get in on the fun now!