Finding the hottest Bikinis, Short Shorts, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme men's swimwear styles.

Men's spandex swimwear

Men’s spandex swimwear sizzles.


When it comes to wearing swimwear that sizzles there is nothing quite as hot as men’s spandex swimwear. The choices are vast and the styles are sensuous and sexy.  The question is, are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to show off that hard won body? Are you ready  to attract more attention at the local pool, beach or party than you have ever attracted in your life? If the answer is yes to any of the above than it’s a no brainer you are ready for men’s spandex swimwear the only choice you need to make is bikini, micro shorts, thong or G-string? When I first started I went with a very sexy bikini. I used to wearing shorts and Speedos but nothing could have prepared me for how little these new sexy bikinis actually are. My wife joked that my bikini was smaller than hers. It turned out to be much smaller than her bathing suit and now I have switched to thongs and I have talked my wife into wearing a thong too. I am grateful I had her guidance at the start. I was all ready to hit the beach when my first bikini was delivered but wisely she explained to me that I needed to start shaving my bikini area, she talked me into shaving it all off and I have been completely hair free down there ever since. The second major point was getting a tan in our backyard to get rid of the old shorts just above my knees tan. I just never thought about how funny that would look.  I happy to say my collection of men’s spandex swimwear is still growing with new styles added all the time. Often my wife and I vacation at exotic beach locations around the world. Now more than ever I am seeing lot’s of men wearing bikinis, thongs and even the occasional G-string. I have added the hot new cheeky micro shorts to my collection which I often use as cover ups as well as a main swimsuit depending upon what the mix of people that are at the beach. For the most part I love the smallest suits the best. I nice tight compact pouch with a thong rear is most often my go to swimsuit.

The Comfort of Men’s Spandex Swimwear

There is nothing compared to the comfort that you get with men’s spandex swimwear. Obviously, if spandex is new to you, researching it a bit is probably going to be at the top of your list before racing out to purchase your first ever spandex swim suit. After all, if this is a totally new experience for you, it is only smart to get all of the information. This enables you to make an informed decision as to whether or not you will enjoy wearing a spandex swim suit. Talk to other men who have switched to spandex for their swim suit needs. Find out how they really feel about this type of swimwear.

If you find guys to talk to about men’s spandex swimwear, you will probably glean more information that is accurate. These guys have no reason to lie about anything because they do not care what decision you make. One of the things that you will probably hear most often is just how comfortable these swim suits are. Spandex is a highly popular material, especially with men. The reason for this is that there is something about spandex that seems to breathe along with your skin. Whatever the temperature, spandex adjusts itself to your body. Many people have said that they get to a point where they do not even notice they are wearing it. Now that says a lot. 

Once you decide to give men’s spandex swimwear a try, you are probably not going to believe just how comfortable it is. Soon, you will probably be the one telling others about the comfort of this remarkable material. Of course, you will need to make sure you look hot and sexy in your spandex swim suit. Nothing mars the debut of a spandex swim suit more than the man wearing it is horribly out of shape. You want the looks that you get from others to be appreciative, even lustful, rather than pointing and laughing looks. While you are totally comfortable in your spandex, it is also fun to have others give you appreciative comments.