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Men's spandex swimwear

A Love Affair with Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Loving men’s spandex swimwear is something that a lot of guys are starting to feel these days. A few years ago you would probably have seen someone wearing spandex out on the beach and not even realized what it was because the designs looked a lot like every other swimwear design on the market. However, now there are some really wild swimwear designs being made specifically out of spandex and you can almost always tell this when you first see them. Guys that wear men’s spandex swimwear will tell you that there is no other material available that feels as good as spandex does against their skin and they are not lying. This is one of the best possible materials to use in creating swimwear because of the way it fits and conforms to the body. If you have never worn anything like this, then you need to get off your butt and find some. Once you wear spandex, you will find it very difficult to go back to wearing anything else.

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Men’s Spandex Swimwear and what makes it so very special. It’s the fit or to be more to the point it is the way men’s spandex swimwear fits the body. With swimwear styles that are not made of spandex the fit is always loose and baggy. Nothing male is being displayed in fact you could argue all the best parts are completely hidden away this is virtually on the other end of the spectrum to how women’s swimwear design is treated. With women’s swimwear many of the designs go out of their way to show as much as possible. If the rear is not being shown completely more often than not a portion of it is being shown. If the rear is completely covered it is almost always covered in a way that shows the shape and in many circumstances the size. This is true now more than ever. This is a wonderful time for men’s swimwear designs with many of the styles featuring spandex fabrics. Spandex without questions is designed to show off the curves of the body, all the curves and with men’s bodies the designers are finding more items to show that up to this time have been securely out of the public view. Yes we are talking about the penis and since we are all adults why shouldn’t we? More and more men’s spandex swimwear designs are featuring the penis along with the rear as the central focal point and to this I say it is about time! The penis is not only a wonderful piece of engineering but it is and has been throughout history considered one of the most beautiful aspects of the male form. If you are ready to take the plunge and try something extremely daring I believe you cannot go wrong with a pouch centric swimsuit made to both shock and excite. Needless to say you are going to draw more than your share of attention.

Me wearing a total femme transformation swimsuit.

Men's spandex swimsuit

Beach Thong


In my opinion there is nothing wrong with wanting to look as hot as the girls do wearing a thong but if that is something you really want to do then choosing the right men’s spandex swimwear designs is as important as working out like the girls do. In this gender ambiguous world that we find ourselves in there are more men than ever who want to look like women just for the thrill of it. Some are gay, some bi, many are straight and quite a few consider themselves transsexual. Whatever the case may be many guys are just like me in that they find the way women look wearing swimwear to be intoxicating. The other day I decided to choose a male to female transformation thong out of my men’s spandex swimwear collection. This is a radical design that reshapes the penis hiding the shaft and reshaping the balls into lips that are virtually identical to a real vagina. Being a very nice day for early winter I figured there might be some people at the beach but not many since on top of being winter it was also a work day. What I did forget was that lots of people were off work and many more out of school for the holidays. When I got to the beach there were not very many other people and I was able to get a nice quiet spot right at the water. In no time there were lots of folks walking by me most men hoping that I was a topless girl. Since my body is shaved and I had on a suit that showed only vagina I’m sure many of the guys were more than pleased. It excites me that I most likely aroused many of them and they had no idea I was male. That’s a huge turn on for me even though I am straight. Not long after I had a half dozen collage girls camped out right next to me all wearing thongs and looking beautiful. It made me want to hit the gym and workout even harder making my waist a little narrower and adding a little more plump muscle to my ass. That is how awesome men’s swimwear can be.