Now is the time to get ready for a summer of spandex!

First let me say I feel all guys no matter how large or small look better wearing men’s spandex swimwear than any of the other baggy style swimsuits. Since men’s spandex swimwear encompasses so many styles including spandex shorts, bikinis, thongs, jammers, Speedos and on and on you should never be at a loss to find something that works with your body style. Many men are choosing to wear the less coverage skin showing designs and this summer’s beach session looks to be an epic size trend for micro swimwear styles. Showing lots of skin is great in fact micro bikinis and less are my go to swimsuits. These designs are very close to going nude at the beach yet still staying legal. My take is if you choose to wear these most extreme styles you might as well put in some time at the gym and maybe even watch your diet a bit. It does not always happen but I aim to be in tip top shape as May rolls around and the beach days start looking good. I like the tan trim and completely shaved clean of body hair look. My grooming standards are every bit as strict as what the ladies do. I have even been known to get a full bikini wax, if that is something you might like to try I can tell you it is a very erotic experience to have all your pubic hair removed this way and you are baby smooth for weeks. Spending time in the gym while it is cold out is also the perfect time to wear spandex tights! Tights help me work out hard and keep me looking sexy. I’m about ten pounds away from perfection. Half the fun is working hard towards the goal.

Thongs for your summer workout


I along with many other men have found a secret weapon for our summer workouts. If you are into running on the beach you should know that thongs might just be the perfect men’s spandex swimwear fashion to do your workout in. It seems like wearing a thong to workout in especially on a busy beach would be a little risqué but the fact is once you get over your shyness of wearing so little and exposing so much you find that thongs really are the perfect attire for a beach workout. Spandex thongs offer men great support. When you run on the beach your body takes a lot of pounding and wearing regular men’s swimwear trunks is a terrible way to go. They offer very little support, you get an awful tan line and there is nothing fun about them. Wearing a men’s spandex swimwear thong offers you more basic support for the family jewels than tight fitting spandex shorts. The pouch of a thong is designed to fit tightly around the balls while offer a nice tight environment for the shaft. You can run hard on the sand or by the surf. Your rear is exposed and this offers great cooling for some of the largest muscles in your body and to top things off you are ready for a swim anytime you want to without changing. Thongs dry fast too. There are many choices in pouch style and fit no matter how large or small your equipment is there is a pouch designs that will make you look amazing. The best part of all is how much fun it is to run wearing a thong. It is a sexy yet very freeing sensation to be able to run on the beach as close to nude as is legal and let’s not forget about that incredible tan line you will end up with.

Men's spandex swimwear thong
Men's spandex swimwear thongs

My First Time


Two weeks ago I ordered my first men’s spandex swimwear thong. I have always wanted to wear one but I have been too shy. It was a big jump for me to go from wearing shorts to wearing bikinis. I kept ordering smaller and smaller bikinis until now. Most of my recent bikinis show some cheek and that to needed some getting used to. I feel when I am out in public wearing these tiny suits it is almost like nude sunbathing which I guess is easy for the girls. Since they have been doing it all their lives it is just their normal. They have no issues showing almost everything and some of their swimsuits literally show it all. I wanted that too! I wanted the great tan I wanted the freedom of wearing almost nothing since nude sunbathing is not legal at any of our beaches around here. My thong arrived and it was even smaller than I dreamed it would be. My equipment just barely fit inside the pouch which was surprising since I am on the smaller side. The company statement about form fitting is true the suit felt like it was custom made for my body. Wearing it for the first time even in my backyard was a thrill and in many ways it is more fun than going nude. I have talked to some of my friends that wear thongs and they all say the same thing. The first few times you wear a thong it is hard not to be aroused. Wearing them often you get used to them and in time they feel like any other swimsuit it is other people that get shocked by how small your bathing suit is but you are at ease wearing it.

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